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A Bit of Truth

Posted by Godefroi on July 9, 2009

I’ve been trying to convince people of this for years, mostly without success.

Perhaps folks are more likely to believe someone who’s “been there”?

(IsraelNN.com) Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas says the Arabs of the Galilee city of Tzfat left in 1948 not because they were driven out, but on their own volition.

Many biographies of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas imply that his family became “refugees” because of the War of Independence in 1948. For instance, a BBC profile on Abbas when he succeeded Yasser Arafat as PLO chairman in 2005 writes, “In the light of his origins in Safed in Galilee – in what is now northern Israel – he is said to hold strong views about the right of return of Palestinian refugees.” Answers.com states, “As a result of the Arab-Israel War of 1948, he became a refugee.” Wikipedia articles on the topic say the same – all giving the impression that the Abbas family was driven out and became homeless.

However, Abbas himself – co-founder of Fatah with Arafat, and known as Abu Mazen – now tells a different story. Speaking with Al-Palestinia TV on Monday, Abbas admitted that his family was not expelled or driven out, but rather left for fear that the Jews might take revenge for the slaughter of 20 Jews in the city during the Arab pogroms of 19 years earlier.


The memory of the slaughter, Abbas said, “brought [our families] to understand that the military balance had changed, and that [we] no longer had military forces in their real meaning. There were only young people who fought, and there was an initial action. They felt that the balance of power had collapsed and they therefore decided to leave. The entire city was abandoned based on this thought – the thought of their property and saving themselves.”


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Who’s Racist?

Posted by Godefroi on June 10, 2009

A simple question, brought to us by Ya’akov Kirschen , courtesy of Ethel Fenig of AT.


Ethel points out, as I have on several occasions:

Yes folks, most Arab nations ban Jews from living in their countries; from “moderate” Jordan to “radical” Saudi Arabia, while others place severe personal and religious restrictions on the few remaining Jews.

In contrast, over 20% of Israel’s population is Arab, who are free to practice various forms of Islam or Christianity. But not a peep of protest about the former comes from the mouths or internet sites of the human “rights” crew while shouts of apartheid instantly roar from the anti Israel crowd when Israel takes preventive measures if Israeli Arabs commit terrorism.

Who is racist then?

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Persecution of the Day

Posted by Godefroi on September 25, 2008

The nuts and bolts of life for Christians in PA- and Hamas-controlled territory, from a commentary at Front Page.

  • Under the Palestinian regime Christian Arabs have been victims of frequent human rights abuses by Muslims. There are many examples of intimidation, beatings, land theft, firebombing of churches and other Christian institutions, denial of employment, economic boycotts, torture, kidnapping, forced marriage, sexual harassment, and extortion. Palestinian Authority (PA) officials are directly responsible for many of the human rights violations. Muslims who have converted to Christianity are in the greatest danger. They are often left defenseless against cruelty by Muslim fundamentalists. Some have been murdered.
  • Christian Arabs also fall victim to the chaos and anarchy typical of PA rule. This situation is fostered by societal rigidity, criminal gangs, lack of education, absence of due process, incitement, unreliable courts, and the denial of these problems-all running counter to Israel’s desire for a prosperous and stable neighbor.
  • Muslim attitudes toward Christians and Jews are influenced by the concepts and prejudices about their inferiority that the practice of dhimmitude has spawned in Islamic society. As dhimmis, Christians living in Palestinian-controlled territories are not treated as equals of Muslims and are subjected to debilitating legal, political, cultural, and religious restrictions.
  • The human rights violations against the Christian Arabs in the disputed territories are committed by Muslims. Yet for political and economic reasons many Palestinian Christian leaders blame Israel for these crimes rather than the actual perpetrators. This motif of the transference of blame has been adopted by several Christian leaders in the Western world. Others there who are aware of the PA’s human rights abuses choose to remain silent.

More detail at the site.  One more important nugget that I’ll highlight here.

“Israel is the only exception in the Middle East where the Christian population since 1948 has increased. It has risen by more than 400 percent.”

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Persecution of the Day

Posted by Godefroi on September 12, 2008

Israel National News reports:

Muslims Continue Pushing Christians Out of Bethlehem

The Muslim Fatah-controlled authority in Judea and Samaria is encouraging a “sharp demographic shift” in Bethlehem, where the Christian population went from a 60 percent majority in 1990 to a 40 percent minority in 2000, to about 15 percent of the city’s total population today.

It is estimated that, for the past seven years, more than one thousand Christians have been emigrating from the Bethlehem area annually and that only 10,000 to 13,000 Christians remain in the city. International human rights lawyer Justus Reid Weiner, who teaches at Hebrew University, told the Jerusalem Institute for Global Jewish Affairs that, under the PA-Fatah regime, Christian Arabs have been victims of frequent human rights abuses by Muslims.

“There are many examples of intimidation, beatings, land theft, firebombing of churches and other Christian institutions, denial of employment, economic boycotts, torture, kidnapping, forced marriage, sexual harassment, and extortion,” he said. PA officials are directly responsible for many of the attacks, and some Muslims who have converted to Christianity have been murdered.

As people with “dhimmi” status, Christians living in Palestinian-controlled territories are not treated as the equals of Muslims. He says: “They are subjected to debilitating legal, political, cultural, and religious restrictions. This has become a critical problem for the Palestinian Christians in the West Bank and Gaza. Muslim groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad have built a culture of hatred upon the age-old foundations of Islamic society. Moreover, the PA has adopted Islamic law into its draft constitution.”

Please read it all.


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What if…

Posted by Godefroi on September 3, 2008

What if one could produce hard evidence that the Arabs in Palestine really DO believe that the Temple Mount (what they call their “Noble Sanctuary”, al-haram al-sharif) was actually stolen from the Jews?  The vocal propagandists loudly proclaim that the Jews have no ties to Jerusalem, let alone the whole of Israel, and that their temple never existed.

But what if we can prove that the current shrill really is just false propaganda?

Maybe we can find out, now that Israel National News has published this.

Supreme Moslem Council: Temple Mount is Jewish

(IsraelNN.com) The widely-disseminated Arab Moslem position that the Temple Mount is not Jewish has been debunked – by the Supreme Moslem Council (Waqf) of Jerusalem, in a Temple Mount guide published in 1925.


In fact, back in 1925, the Supreme Moslem Council – also known as the Waqf, which has overseen Temple Mount activities on behalf of the Moslem religion for hundreds of years – boasted proudly that the site was none other than that of Solomon’s Temple.

The Jerusalem-based Temple Institute (http://www.templeinstitute.org) reports that it has acquired a copy of the official 1925 Supreme Moslem Council Guide Book to Al-Haram Al-Sharif (the Moslem name for the Temple Mount).  On page 4, the Waqf states, “Its identity with the site of Solomon’s Temple is beyond dispute. This, too, is the spot, according to universal belief, on which ‘David built there an altar unto the L-rd…’, citing the source in 2 Samuel XXIV,25.

In addition, on page 16, the pamphlet makes reference to the underground area in the south-east corner of the Mount, which is refers to as Solomon’s Stables.  “Little is known for certain of the history of the chamber itself,” the guide reads. “It dates probably as far back as the construction of Solomon’s Temple. According to Josephus, it was in existence and was used as a place of refuge by the Jews at the time of the conquest of Jerusalem by Titus in the year 70 A.D.”

Yes, perhaps we can now stop hearing the history-revising shills coming from the “Palestinians”.  Perhaps, but I doubt it.  They’ve a long history of ignoring the truth when it conflicts with their agenda.

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Snowstorm in Hell today

Posted by Godefroi on June 17, 2008

Israel and Hamas reach Gaza truce deal

GAZA CITY (AFP) – Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement have agreed to begin a Gaza truce in two days, Egyptian mediators said on Tuesday after months of negotiations to try to halt bloodshed in and around the impoverished territory.

“We have succeeded in securing the agreement of the two sides to a complete cessation of hostilities and military action from Thursday,” Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki told AFP in Cairo.

“This is a reciprocal and simultaneous period of calm,” Zaki added.

Should Satan’s minion’s break out the wool blankets?

Maybe not.

Hamas, which has ruled Gaza for a year, said it would respect the truce timetable but warned that it remained free to respond to any attacks on its militants before the ceasefire comes into force.

“Hamas will adhere to the timetable which was set by Egypt but it is our right to respond to any Israeli aggression before its implementation,” said spokesman Fawzi Barhum.


Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev would not confirm an agreement, insisting that the Jewish state required “not just words but actions.”

“If indeed there is a cessation of terrorist attacks, if indeed there is an end to the military build-up in Gaza, if indeed there is movement on the issue of Gilad Shalit, this indeed will be a new reality.”

We Shall See….

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Who is Listening?

Posted by Godefroi on May 29, 2008

As Olmert, Livni, et. al. consider giving away Jerusalem, the Golan, Judea & Samaria (at the insistence of, among others, Bush, Rice, and the disgusting, gutless U.N.), please recall the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza.  Meant as a peace overture (land for peace, right?), it has been anything but.

Gazan Arabs see Israel’s withdrawal as a victory for them, proving that their tactics of armed resistance terrorism WORK.

WND reported a few days ago on this very mindset – Israeli concessions do not deter Arab violence, but rather encourage more violence.

JERUSALEM – Terrorists in the Gaza Strip are rejoicing at an Israeli decision today to evacuate troops stationed at a major Gaza-Israel border crossing following repeated Palestinian attack against Israel’s side of the border station.
“This retreat proves the Israeli army is a paper tiger. What we proved to the world in 2005 (when Israel evacuated its Jewish communities from the Gaza Strip) we are proving once again. We are reaching a new step and proving our resistance and our rockets are working,” Muhammad Abdel-Al, spokesman and a leader of the Hamas-allied Popular Resistance Committees terror group, told WND.

See?  I’m not making this up.  It’s straight from the horse’s, um, mouth.

“Just as the Zionists are running from the border, they will also run from Ashkelon, Ashdod, Jerusalem, Jaffa, Haifa and Tel Aviv … . We will keep firing until every Jew climbs back into the sh–ty hole he came from,” said Abdel-Al, whose group took responsibility for scores of recent attacks against the Israeli border.
Abu Ahmed, a leader of the Islamic Jihad terror group in Gaza, called Israel’s troop evacuation a “victory.” 
“We feel proud and determined,” he said. “Israelis start to withdraw from bases that are well-fortified because the Palestinian resistance proved that we are able to reach them at any point even if it is very fortified. We are proving once again that the myth of the unbeatable Israeli army is irrelevant,” Abu Ahmed told WND.

Hello?  Is anyone paying attention to this?  Perhaps it’s just saber-rattling.  They don’t really intend to drive the Jews back to the “shitty hole” they came from…it’s just rhetoric.  Right?

Sure.  Ask the residents of Sderot if these maniacs mean what they’re saying.  But then, no one in the Olmert government is listening to them either.

People have such short memories.  Israel just turned 60.  Recall, 60 years ago, the Partition Plan.  Arabs would now have Judea/Samaria, Gaza, AND MORE, had they accepted the Plan.  But while the jubilant Jews danced in the streets, the Arabs geared up for war. 

Gentlepeople, listen…they do not want a “Palestinian State”.  They never did – if they had, the ’48 war would not have happened.  Two states for two peoples MY ASS.  The Arabs were not content with the emirate of Transjordan (an Arab state in Palestine – go figure), nor with the Partition Plan.  They will only be content with the elimination of Israel.  Who is naive enough to believe that giving them now what they refused then is going to have a positive effect?

Everyone…all together now…


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Important Information

Posted by Godefroi on April 14, 2008

Much is made of all that the Arabs of Palestine lost when they voluntarily left (the vast majority) or were pushed out of Israel in ’48 and ’67.  Comparitively little is mentioned of all that was lost by the Jews who were either expelled or forced to leave their homes (e.g. Egypt’s delegate told the UN General Assembly in 1947: “The lives of one million Jews in Muslim countries would be jeopardized by partition.”) in Arab lands. 

A study has been published highlighting these losses at the JCPA site.  I urge a look.

Some excerpts.

The exact number of Palestinians who fled Israel from November 1947 to December 1948 will never be known. The estimates range from about 400,000 to one million. The most plausible is some 550,000…The result is that new refugees [from the 1967 war] probably amounted to about 100,000. Thus, the net total of [Arab] refugees created by both wars was some 650,000.

Before 1948, there were slightly more than one million Jews in the Middle East and North Africa outside the area that became Israel, including the 40,000 in the West Bank and Gaza.[6] The total number fell by half in the years following the 1948 war and then declined to some 100,000 following the 1967 conflict. The Jewish population fell further in the ensuing years and by 2007 amounted to just 15,000 to 35,000. The bulk of those remaining reside in Iran. Thus roughly one million Jews became refugees because of actions of Middle Eastern and North African countries.

When the two refugee exoduses are compared, it can be concluded with a high degree of likelihood that the number of Jewish refugees was some 50 percent greater than that of Palestinian refugees.

The total of 125 million Palestinian pounds [amount of lost assets among Palestinian Arab refugees] amounts to $350 million in 1948. This is equal to some $650 per 1948-1949 refugee.  To this must be added the asset losses for those additional 100,000 who fled in the aftermath of the 1967 war and the 40,000 IDPs. The latter are included even though they often were given new property and/or compensation.[10] At a realistic $700 per capita that would amount to another $100 million in lost Palestinian assets. Thus the total of assets lost by Palestinians is some $450 million. In 2007 prices this would amount to $3.9 billion.

There also are no precise global figures of the assets lost by the Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. Using a similar methodology, the minimal amount [of Jewish losses] would be $700 million at period prices and $6 billion at 2007 prices.

The bottom line, however, is that no matter what methodology is used the losses of Jewish refugees from Middle Eastern and North African countries are almost certainly at least 50 percent higher than those of Palestinian refugees.

It is noted that since actual records from the time are scarce, this study is to some degree speculative.  However, it is known that there were nearly twice as many Jewish refugees as Arab refugees, even if the final number is not completely accurate, the proportion is still credible.

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Posted by Godefroi on February 15, 2008

 First, Egypt threatened Hamas with broken legs if they penetrated the border again.

Now they’ve upped the ante.

Egypt Warns Hamas: ‘We Will Shoot if Border is Breached’

by Hana Levi Julian

(IsraelNN.com) Egypt officials say they are informing a visiting delegation from the Hamas terrorist organization that police will open fire on anyone who tries to cross the border at Rafah in southern Gaza.

The Associated Press reports that Egyptian intelligence officials said they had received information that terrorists are again planning to force open the border.

The whole world (almost) condemns Israel for militarily protecting its border.  Where’s the howling against Egypt?

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Truth from Gaza

Posted by Godefroi on February 5, 2008

As reported in Haaretz (not typically an Israel-friendly publication) 

Gaza is not occupied, so why should Israel have any role [at the Gaza-Egypt border crossing] when it has no presence on the border between Egypt and Gaza?” argued Mohammed Nuseir, a member of Hamas’ political bureau, on Saturday.

Which I’ve been saying for years, though most likely from a different basis.

Let’s see if anyone notices, and if someone does, what happens next.

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Tales of the unExpected

Posted by Godefroi on February 4, 2008

Who knew that once the Gazans could move freely into Egypt, this kind of thing would occur?


Yeah, me too.

Woman killed in Dimona explosion

A woman was murdered Monday morning and about 10 people were injured in a terror attack carried out by a suicide bomber at a commercial center in the southern Israeli city of Dimona. 

Palestinian sources estimated that the terrorist was sent by the Islamic Jihad organization. The bomber is believed to have taken advantage of the breached border at the Rafah crossing in order to infiltrate to Egypt and into the Negev.

Those bastards from Hamas are at it again, eh?  Not this time.

Fatah: Bombers infiltrated Israel through Egypt

In Gaza press conference, members of Fatah‘s military wing, PFLP say suicide bombers who carried out Dimona attack entered Sinai from Strip. ‘Attack has been planned for a month, but was only made possible due to breach in border,’ says al-Aqsa Brigades spokesman

You mean moderate Fatah did this?  I thought they wanted peaceful coexistence? Oh, wait a minute

Hamas, of course, is fully supportive.

Hamas referred to the Dimona attack as “a heroic act”, which constitutes “a natural response to the crimes of the occupation.”

Yeah…let’s give them a state.

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An admission from a “Palestinian”

Posted by Godefroi on January 31, 2008

Nod:  IsraPundit

“Islam is intolerant to everything non-Muslim”

By Ayman Hassan (who just joined the Walid Shoebat Foundation in support of Israel)

Shalom. As an Arab Muslim I once asked myself: Why do I hate Israel? I really thought about this question. After little deliberation the answer was clear, because I am a Muslim and Islam is extremely intolerant. It’s the intolerance to everything non Muslim, that is the problem and I say this as a Muslim, but today I have rejected the teachings of Islam for this very reason. I have left Islam. As an Arab “Palestinian”, living in Lebanon, coming from a Muslim family, I was brought up with the hatred of Jews, Christians, and all non Muslims. Now I’m 24, I have matured enough to view the world through a different perspective; I reviewed real history and studied the sequence of events before and after the restoration of the State of Israel. I decided to step outside the mindset of a typical Muslim. It didn’t take long to realize that I was on the wrong track and I moved quickly to the other side. In order to be at peace with myself I have come to reject the hatred of Israel and now love my former enemy. I have not embraced another religion but I am pursuing a new spiritual path.

It’s not a struggle of so called “Palestinians” to establish a country and retain some land, which was never theirs, I know because I studied the real history. The real problem is racism and the intolerance of Muslims, the blind hatred and jealousy to see a flourishing, strong and modern country where people from other faiths can live peacefully. Why are the Jews forbidden to have a country? These people have contributed much to the world’s culture and offered the best scientists, artists, doctors and have been victims of intolerance throughout history? Why are they forbidden to live in their national Zionist dream and return to their homeland, which was some desert which they cultivated and transformed in to one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth? Why do the Arabs and the Muslim world have to take everything, and claim every land they step on to be theirs. “Palestine” never existed [as a nation or state – GdB], and should never, and that is coming from me an Arab who is classified as a “Palestinian.” The creation of a Palestinian state would be the biggest threat to the existence of Israel and would not bring one day of peace to Israel; I know how my people think! It should never be allowed. In fact supporting a Palestinian State is the equivalent of supporting Nazi Germany and the persecution of Jews.

Read the rest at IsraPundit.

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