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September 11, 2001

Posted by Godefroi on September 11, 2009

Never Forget.

Never Again.




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More on the Theme

Posted by Godefroi on January 14, 2009

It’s been my experience that few people outside of the blogosphere – and disappointingly few within it as well – are aware of what happened with Jews in Iraq, Yemen, Morocco, Syria and other places within Dar-al-Islam as what was then the Turkish territory of Palestine was being purchased and developed by early Zionist Jews.

In short, pogroms and other abuse prefaced their eviction from their communities, many of which had been Jewish for thousands of years.  Most left with literally nothing by command of law, and their belongings were confiscated.  One can learn more about the approximately 800,000 Jews evicted from Arab/Muslim lands here.

Why do I bring this up?  Well, aside from this facts importance in the current fighting between Israel and Hamas, it’s happening again.

Jews in Muslim Lands Feeling the Heat

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

(IsraelNN.com) Jews living in majority-Muslim countries are in a precarious situation as Israel fights the Islamist Hamas regime in Gaza. While pro-Hamas, anti-Semitic rallies and sporadic attacks are continuing worldwide, Jews in Muslim lands face an additional danger as a vulnerable minority.

Synagogue Shut by Force
In Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim state, that nation’s only synagogue was forcibly shut down and sealed.


In Turkey, synagogues in Izmir were also shut down, but this time out of serious security concerns, after someone scrawled “We will kill you” on the door of one of the biggest synagogues in the city…In Istanbul, a shop owned by a local Jewish family was targeted, as well. A huge poster saying, “Do not buy from here, since this shop is owned by a Jew,” was plastered on the shop and other posters on the wall said, “Jews and Armenians are not allowed, but dogs are.”


This year, a coalition of Egyptian political opposition parties came together to prevent the pilgrimage of Israelis to the rabbi’s tomb.

Elsewhere in North Africa, the Al-Qaeda offshoot known as Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (North Africa) has issued explicit calls for Muslims to attack Jews “wherever they are found.”

See more evidence of the gut-wrenching hatred here…and here, and here.  Disturbing is putting it mildly.

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Posted by Godefroi on December 21, 2008

As AOW noted in a comment on a previous post, the government running the schools is simply an attempt to inculcate certain ideas – primarily LIBERAL ideas, strangely enough – into a young, more-or-less empty and thus very fertile mind.  Hmmm…I have a book on that subject somewhere.  I’m going to have to find it again.  Anway.

Imagine the POWER involved in completely dominating a young brain…and then imagine multiplying that power by mixing it with an in-your-face religion and the promise of unlimited lurid sex.

Or, better yet, don’t imagine…read about it in an interview two teenaged suicide killers.

I’ve come to Kabul to this secret police headquarters to find out just how the Taliban can convince an Afghan boy to become a human bomb.

The first question I ask Farman is about death: is he not afraid of dying?

‘Oh no, even before you blow yourself up the virgins come to the site of the explosion and wait for you to take you to paradise,’ he says confidently, parroting his Taliban masters, who promise suicide bombers they will be rewarded with virgins for their act.


How did your bomb work?’ I ask Farman. He seems confused by the question and it quickly becomes clear he doesn’t really know.

‘It’s God’s will if you live or die,’ he says. Even now, after his capture, this child is confused about how he was going to die — and who would press the button.

But then it would not be hard to fool Farman. He is illiterate, a simple peasant. I ask him if he can point out on a map where Britain is, or the U.S., or even Pakistan.

He can’t. He doesn’t even know the Koran. He tells me what his Taliban brainwashers told him, that the former President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, is a Jew and a Christian and should therefore be killed. But when I ask him to explain what a Jew is, he has no idea.

But he does know who he hates: Westerners.

‘I was told the infidels were invading our lands and doing bad things to our women. I wanted to go on the jihad to kill them.’


They showed some videos and talked about paradise and virgins. About how the Americans were beating people, insulting Muslim women, raping Muslim women,’ says Abdul.

‘We did not even get any guns — we just went jogging.’

 I ask about the virgins. In the villages and camps where the boys grew up, the only girls and women they would ever have seen would have been their own sisters.

All other women would have been covered in the all-encompassing burka whenever they left their houses.

Even to talk about these things — virginity, female beauty — openly must have been intoxicating in such a conservative society.

‘My trainer never told me the numbers of virgins, he only said that there are some in the next life and paradise was green and wet,’ says Farman.

‘But even one finger of the houri [the heavenly virgins] is more beautiful than any earthly woman.’

Read the whole thing.

Nod: The Jawa Report

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Posted by Godefroi on December 3, 2008

Thomas Friedman makes a fine point in this op-ed at NYT.

When Pakistanis and other Muslims are willing to take to the streets, even suffer death, to protest an insulting cartoon published in Denmark, is it fair to ask [yes – GdB]: Who in the Muslim world, who in Pakistan, is ready to take to the streets to protest the mass murders of real people, not cartoon characters, right next door in Mumbai?

After all, if 10 young Indians from a splinter wing of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party traveled by boat to Pakistan, shot up two hotels in Karachi and the central train station, killed at least 173 people, and then, for good measure, murdered the imam and his wife at a Saudi-financed mosque while they were cradling their 2-year-old son — purely because they were Sunni Muslims — where would we be today? The entire Muslim world would be aflame and in the streets.

Where is the outrage, indeed?

H/T: Headline thingy at Hot Air.

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The Third Jihad

Posted by Godefroi on October 23, 2008

Have you ever stopped to think of what would happen if the Islamists won? — Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim

Click the above for a 30-minute preview of the film The Third Jihad: Radical Islam’s Vision for America.

If I was to sum up my message to America at the present time, I would sum it up in two words…Wake up — Dr. Bernard Lewis

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Posted by Godefroi on September 16, 2008

I’m really not sure what to say about this.  So why post it, right?  Good question.

I’m appalled, flabbergasted, at the moronic, yawning reception of the Obsession DVD.  Are we Americans really so blind as to be unable to register an existential threat?

Two posts at JW got my attention.  The first is taken from Pennsylvania’s The Patriot-News.

Pennsylvania woman deeply offended to learn that there’s a jihad against the U.S.A.

Lopez said she was offended by the DVD. And after learning her daughter, who lives in York, also received a copy, Lopez said she wondered whether there was political motivation behind the mailing.

“My thing is, I’m not stupid. There are definitely radical Islamic cells all over the world, but we also have the Aryan Nation, the [Ku Klux Klan], all kinds of hate groups out there,” Lopez said. “They’re just instilling fear in us. I’m tired of living in fear.”

Unfortunately, Ma’am, you ARE stupid.  On one hand, obviously ignorant.  On the other, willfully ignoring the truth presented before you.  Do you know what fear is?  It’s a survival reaction…it’s self-preservation instinct.  It’s useful, for heaven’s sake.  Sometimes there are very good reasons to have some healthy fear.  I guess 9/11 isn’t reason enough for you.  Lady, when’t the last time the KKK killed anyone?  The Aryan Nation?  (Oh, by the way, do they have “cells ALL OVER THE WORLD”?)  Can’t remember, because it’s been so long, right?  What about Islamic “radicals”?  EVERY…SINGLE…DAY

Nobody is trying to make you “live in fear”.  They’re asking you to live in awareness

Know what I fear?  I fear that morons like you are going to let them win.

Note that Ms. Lopez includes jihadis in the “hate group” category (“all kinds of hate groups out there”).  Not that she’s incorrect.  They do hate us.  But we’ve become so cavalier about labeling behaviors and speech as “Hate” that the word has lost meaning.  In this instance, where its use is actually warranted, it’s being used to minimize the threat!  Isn’t that alarming to anyone but me?

The second highlights reactions in another newspaper, from a staffer of the MAS of all people.


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I have not forgotten.

Posted by Godefroi on September 11, 2008

Seven years ago, right now (post time), I was at work.


I was casually passing through the break area, headed for the smoking area.  I had just returned the night before from a business trip to Mexico.  I was glad to be home.


The TV was always on in the break room.  CNN, I think.  I glanced up and saw a burning building…a building I faintly recognized.  It took a moment for me to realize that it was the World Trade Center, and I was quite surprised when the newscaster said that someone had just flown an airplane into it.  I stayed watching, standing, with detached curiosity, wondering if the pilot had had a heart attack or seizure or something.  How else could a plane hit one of the Twin Towers?


I was shocked when the screen showed a second plane ramming into the building – 15 minutes later?.  I knew there was no possible way that a this was an accident.  I sat down, incredulous.


I kept watching for quite some time, my cigarette and my work responsibilities forgotten.


The announcer stated that up to 50,000 people worked at the WTC – and I wept.  And I prayed.  And I wept some more.


I was still watching, though no longer in tears, nearly an hour later when the news came of the Pentagon being hit.


I was numb.  I went and smoked my cigarette, finally.  Four of them, actually.  Then I went back to my desk, avoiding the TV.


I left work about two hours later.  I couldn’t focus and wasn’t getting anything done anyway.  The TV was on at home, but only briefly.  My children very small at the time, kept asking questions my wife and I couldn’t answer.  Why?  Who?  How?  WHY??


I listened to news radio for several weeks, learning that “Islamic extremists” (Al Qaeda?  Who the hell is that?) had been to blame for the attacks.  They had perpetrated attacks in the past too.  But then, much of the world didn’t like us (America) all that much anyway, so here was just another group.


And then…I went on with life, with my head in the sand, for 5 years.


Then in September of 2006, I stumbled on to The Brussels Journal, and read about how Islam was ruining Europe.  From there I discovered Jihad Watch, and learned how Islam ruins everything wherever it goes, killing or subjugating the people who don’t convert, then forcing the survivors to pay protection money.


Eventually I discovered TROP, and saw in hard numbers the current cost of the same driving force that was behind the 9/11 attacks.  That was the moment, for me, in deciding to add another voice to the too-small crowd warning my fellow Americans about the true danger we are actually in.


Today I remember those fallen – the innocent victims of 9/11, and those fighters against terror in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.  I pray that God will comfort and strengthen their loved ones.  I pray that we, as a nation, will turn to Him…He will not put up with our disdain for him forever.


I will never forget.  I will never surrender.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Wake-up Call

Posted by Godefroi on July 7, 2008

Al Qaeda’s Plan B

(by Amir Tehari at NY Post – links are mine)

NO one should feel safe without submitting to Islam, and those who refuse to submit must pay a high price. The Islamist movement must aim to turn the world into a series of “wildernesses” where only those under jihadi rule enjoy security.

These are some of the ideas developed by al Qaeda’s chief theoretician, Sheik Abu-Bakar Naji, in his new book “Governance in the Wilderness” (Edarat al-Wahsh).


Now Naji takes that analysis a step further – suggesting that low-intensity war be extended to anywhere in the world with a significant Muslim presence.

Islamists in the “wilderness” must create parallel societies alongside existing ones, Naji says – but not set up formal governments, which would be subject to economic pressure or military attack.

These parallel societies could resemble “liberated zones” set up by Marxist guerrillas in parts of Latin America in the last century. But they could also exist within cities, under the very noses of the authorities – operating as secret societies with their own rules, values and enforcement.

But they could also take shape in Western countries with large Muslim minorities: The jihadis are to begin by giving areas where Muslims live a distinctly Islamic appearance, by imposing special styles of dress for women and beards for men. Then they start imposing the shariah. In the final phase, they create a parallel system of taxation and law enforcement, effectively taking the areas out of government control.

The “wilderness” will provide the cover for bases for jihad operations. Jihad would be everywhere, rather than in just one or two countries that the “infidel” could hit with superior firepower.

IN a notable departure from past al Qaeda strategy, Naji recommends “countless small operations” that render daily life unbearable, rather than a few spectacular attacks such as 9/11: The “infidel,” leaving his home every morning, should be unsure whether he’ll return in the evening.

Naji recommends kidnappings, the holding of hostages, the use of women and children as human shields, exhibition killings to terrorize the enemy, suicide bombings and countless gestures that make normal life impossible for the “infidel” and Muslim collaborators.

Once parallel societies are established throughout the world, they would exert pressure on non-Muslims to submit. Naji believes that, subjected to constant intimidation and fear of death, most non-Muslims (especially in the West) would submit: “The West has no stomach for a long fight.”

Submit, pay the jizya, or die.  Get it?

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The Whitewash continues

Posted by Godefroi on June 4, 2008

I wrote several months ago about the inclnation – growing in popularity – to change the description of Islam-inspired Terrorism Anti-Islamic Behavior to something other than jihad, and correspondingly, those acting in this “Un-Islamic” way as something other than jihadi’s, mujahideen, etc. Not that anyone saw it, but if one did, one might recall the term hirabah.

I’ve now seen several posts at JW on this subject – that is, what to call these extremists militants uh, bad guys, beginning with this one from only 4 days ago (“Words matter”: Homeland Security rolls out newspeak campaign, cautions against use of terms like “jihadists,” “Islamic terrorists,” “Islamists” and “holy warriors”), culminating in this one today “Spencer: War On Terror Ends?”. In a nutshell, our enlightened leaders in Washington have decided, definitively now, that our use of these terms is actually giving legitimacy to the miscreants-we-can-not-name perpetrating acts-we-can-not-name.

What is this all about? First, Muslims are offended by “War on Terror” because they see it as a “War on ISLAM“. We’re only spending our precious security resources in surveilling Muslims (allegedly). The prisoners in Guantanamo…they’re all Muslims. It’s obvious, right? Second, as I mentioned above, we’re giving the world the impression – by our use of the same religion-couched terms that the terrorists use – that we agree that they’re justified, that they really ARE fighting for Allah and will be rewarded according to their heroic deeds. You see, Jihad is a GOOD thing in Islam…it just doesn’t mean what they (and we) are saying it means.

Let’s think about this (a novel concept, I know). If, in the last 7 years, more than 11,000 attacks on innocents had been committed by the International Fundy Church of Bob (with the bulk of those attacks being justified, in their minds, by their religious beliefs), isn’t it merely PRUDENCE that would suggest that the Bobbians be scrutinized more closely than the rest of the general public? And, what sense would it make (for US) to decide that TRUE Bobbians don’t act this way (the holy texts notwithstanding), and then to call the dastardly ones “Anti-Bobbians”, or perhaps Stevians? Their acts of defending and expanding the faith aren’t Bobardic, they’re just criminal – again, irrespective of a LONG history of similar behavior that at one time was just fine with all the Bobbian scholars, theologians, theorists, and practitioners…and still is in many parts of the world. If the American government, or British, or French, or Canadian, uses their terminology (these Bobarians), does that REALLY make these criminals more legitimate than they were before we started taking notice? Knowing, of course, that Bobbians have no use for the opinions of Cawfers (that’s non-believers to you uninitiated). If we start calling them Stevians, does that de-legitimize them to those who currently esteem these Bobardic martyrs? Good Grief, are we REALLY so self-important?

Look…they’re criminals, indisputably (at least by most Western laws). But not acknowledging the ideology that drives them is not helping in the fight against them. No one complains when we refer to Marxist or Maoist “rebels”. And if we refer to them that way, are we then saying that ALL Marxists or Maoists (or whatever) are violent thugs? Obviously not.

Someone who is overly sensitive of oblique criticism is usually insecure and/or trying to hide some vulnerability or shortcoming. Caving in to their demands for coddling their feelings does them no favors (it assists in keeping them away from facing, and dealing with, criticisms and consequently from improving and growing), and it minimizes LEGITIMATE security concerns among the rest of the populace.

As I said last time: Call a spade a spade, call a pirate a pirate, call a jihadist (one struggling for Allah, violently or otherwise) a jihadist. If you can’t name your enemy, you can’t know your enemy…and if you don’t know your enemy, you’re lost.

UPDATE:  Raymond Ibrahim over at American Thinker weighs in on this very topic.

Would a Jihadi by Any Other Name Smell as Foul?

[A] NYT article suggests that,

“If we want to say what we mean, what terms better describe [al] Qaeda members and other violent extremists? ‘Muharib’ or the more colloquial ‘hirabi’ or ‘hirabist’ would be good places to start. ‘Hirabah,’ the base word, is a term for barbarism or piracy. Unlike ‘jihad,’ which grants honor, ‘hirabah’ brings condemnation; it involves unlawful violence and disorder.”

Now, as a native Arabic speaker, I regret to say that usage of these terms — that is, Americans trying to be at once politically-correct and descriptive, in, of all languages, Arabic — is, alas, somewhat comedic.  I further suspect that Arabs, especially al-Qaeda types, would find it hilarious and consistent with their interpretations of wishy-washy Americans, who go to great lengths to learn a language only to censor themselves and compromise their precision in that same language, all so they can appear the “nice guy.” 

Which leads to a final point: Arabs and Muslims are not waiting around for Americans or their government — that is, infidels — to define Islam for them, much less to confer Islamic legitimacy or condemnation on al-Qaeda through the use of subtle word-games.  Calling this or that a “hirabi” or “jihadi” is not about to make any great impression on them, since only an authoritative Islamic entity (e.g., Cairo’s al-Azhar university) is qualified to determine such matters. Thus the US government would do well to worry less about which words will better humor the Arab/Muslim world, and worry more about providing its citizenry with accurate and meaningful terminology. 


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Persecution of the Day

Posted by Godefroi on May 3, 2008

From Mission Network News:

Bernie Daniel with Voice of the Martyrs-Canada says the details about the April 22nd killing have only recently emerged. “A Christian brother by the name of David Abdulwahab Mohamed Ali who was only 29 years old–an active evangelist–was killed by the same militia that avowed the attacks on the teachers, the Al Shabab militia, which is a militant Islamic organization affiliated with Al Qaeda.”

According to a report from the International Christian Concern, David converted to Christianity in 1995. He was living in Yemen but had to flee to Ethiopia because of government persecution. This April, David returned to Somalia to visit family, where Al Shabab found him.

The group is fighting to implement Sharia law in Somalia and create an Islamic state. They have vowed to eradicate Christianity. That threat causes great concern for the church body there. Less than three percent of the population is Christian, and the rest is Sunni Muslim.

Al Shabab has claimed responsibility for killing four Christians over the last six months. Daniel believes this will intensify. “The situation for our Christian brethren in Somalia is very dire. It’s a very tiny community in a militant Islamic society, so there is a kind of open season on Christians in Somalia.” 


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Stop the Memorial Blogburst: Murdoch’s mosque supporters play word games

Posted by Godefroi on November 21, 2007

Nod: Cao

Memorial superintendent admits giant crescent still present in memorial design
No comment from the Park Service yet on Congressman Tancredo’s request for a new Flight 93 Memorial. We did a little better with last week’s blogburst letters. Some emailers got a response from Memorial Project Superintendent Joanne Hanley, answering Mr. Tancredo’s contention that the original giant crescent is still present in the redesign. Interestingly, her description of the redesign actually admits that the giant crescent IS still present, both geometrically and thematically.

In 2005, architect Paul Murdoch explained his original Crescent of Embrace design in terms of the flight path: as the hijacked airliner came over the ridgeline above the crash site, its flight path symbolically broke the circle, turning it into a giant crescent. In the original design, the broken off part of the circle was removed entirely:

Crescent and star

Flight 93 came down from the Northwest (the upper left). The flight path breaks the circle at the upper crescent tip, says Paul Murdoch, then continues down to the crash site, which is located between the crescent tips (roughly in the position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag).

In describing the barely altered redesign, Superintendent Hanley uses the exact same “breaking the circle” language that Paul Murdoch used to describe the original design, only now the broken off part of the circle is not completely removed. A broken chunk of it remains, so that the design now includes “two breaks” instead of one:

The most prominent refinement was in the treatment of the naturally occurring bowl-shaped landscape feature. The design now surrounds that area with a circle of trees which is broken in two places – the location which marks the flight path as it breaks the circular continuity of the bowl edge, and the Sacred Ground where the crash occurred. The locations of the two breaks in the circle are based on the flight path and crash site of Flight 93.

The site plan graphic for the redesign was dramatically re-colored, making the crescent LOOK more like a circle. You have to examine closely to see that the original break in the crescent is still there, along with the new “second break.” But as Superintendent Hanley admits, the original break IS still there, and it is still intended to be seen as being there. Hanley is directly admitting what Congressman Tancredo is complaining about, that the original crescent has only been disguised.

A side-by-side comparison of the Crescent of Embrace site-plan and the redesign site-plan confirms that the only change was to include a chunk of the symbolically broken off part of the imaginary full circle:

Two breaks

Ignoring the re-coloring of the image, the only change is the additional arc of trees to the left side of the crescent. (Click pic for larger view.)

Including a chunk of the broken off part of the circle does nothing to remove the original crescent, but on the contrary is perfectly consistent with it, both geometrically and thematically. The terrorists are still depicted as breaking our humanitarian circle and turning it into a giant Islamic shaped crescent.

Just to make sure people get it, Paul Murdoch has placed a huge glass block at the spot where this circle-breaking, crescent-creating feat takes place. It is the 44th translucent block emplaced along the flight path (matching the number of passengers, crew, AND terrorists) and is inscribed: “a field of honor forever.”

Earlier admissions that the redesign retains the crescent and star configuration of an Islamic flag

An August 18th article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette quoted Superintendent Hanley denying the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent:

“The only thing that orients the memorial is the crash site,” she said.Mr. Murdoch reinforced that idea.

“It’s oriented toward the Sacred Ground,” he said. “It just couldn’t be clearer.”

The symbolism of the memorial, he continued, is representative of the geography of the crash site, an idea that predates Islam or any other major religion.

They are not calling it a crescent and star configuration, but that is what they are describing, and what they are talking about here is the redesign. They are admitting that the design still has the arms of the crescent reaching out towards the crash site, which sits between the crescent tips, in the position of the star on an Islamic flag. “It just couldn’t be clearer.”

Connect a line from the lower crescent tip to the thematic upper crescent tip (the 44th glass block, commemorating the spot where the flight path breaks the circle) and a perpendicular to this line (the direction of a person facing directly into the giant crescent) points exactly to Mecca. Thus does Paul Murdoch tie the Islamic features and the terrorist memorializing features of his design into a perfect bin Ladenist embrace. The 44th block defines the exact Mecca orientation of the giant crescent.

Very simply, we hosted an open design competition in time of war. Of course the enemy would enter. The only thing that is hard to understand is why the Memorial Project is willfully blind to this ploy.

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A Grim Milestone Ignored

Posted by Godefroi on November 16, 2007


The number of Islamic attacks since 9/11 surpasses the 10,000 mark

By Patrick Poole
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, November 15, 2007

The establishment media is seemingly obsessed with “grim milestones” in the War on Terror, as the Associated Press reminds us this past weekend. But in the next week those same establishment media outlets will probably stand mute when yet another “grim milestone” is reached – the10,000th attack by Islamic terrorists and militants since 9/11, which is responsible for approximately 60,000 dead and 90,000 injured.The chronicler of this bloody tally is Glen Reinsford, editor of TheReligionofPeace.com, who began compiling and updating daily a detailed list of reported incidents of violence and terrorism around the world targeting non-Muslims and Muslims alike. Because of space limitations he only posts the past two months worth of attacks on his websites main page, though he has archived all of the incidents from past years (2001-2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007). He also maintains a banner graphic with the updated number of attacks, which people can post on their own websites.

When asked what prompted him to begin such a labor-intensive undertaking, Reinsford identifies the tepid response to Islamic terrorism by otherwise outspoken Muslim groups, with one organization particularly in mind:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations. After 9/11, I kept an eye on them and was quite disgusted by their lack of moral perspective. They complain about issues that affect Muslims which are quite trivial, on average, compared to what is happening in the name of their religion. They do occasionally denounce terror in a general, somewhat ambiguous, sense but there is an obvious lack of passion. Their real interest is themselves.

The whole thing can be found here.

Sidebar updated with TROP’s counter.

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