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With friends like these…

Posted by Godefroi on August 15, 2008

And I use the term “friend” VERY loosely.

At Brussels Journal, the brillian Fjordman alerts us to a new effort by the European elite to accommodate advance the aims of Islam, to the obvious detriment- and in glaring omission – of all other faiths.

Resolution 1605 of the Council of Europe

Council of Europe member states should continue to be vigilant in their work to prevent and combat the phenomenon of Islamophobia.

9. In light of the above, the Assembly calls on the member states of the Council of Europe to:

9.1. act strongly against discrimination in all areas;

9.2. condemn and combat Islamophobia;

9.7.6. encouraging the participation of people with an immigrant background in political parties, trade unions and non-governmental organisations;

9.7.7. taking all the necessary measures to eliminate the inequality of opportunity faced by immigrants, including unemployment and inadequate education;

9.7.8. removing unnecessary legal or administrative obstacles to the construction of a sufficient number of appropriate places of worship for the practice of Islam;

9.7.9. ensuring that school textbooks do not portray Islam as a hostile or threatening religion;

11.6. encourage young European Muslims to become imams;

11.8. encourage the promotion of fair coverage of Muslim reality and views in the media and ensure that the voice of moderate Muslims is also reported;

11.9. develop ethical guidelines to combat Islamophobia in the media and in favour of cultural tolerance and understanding, in co-operation with appropriate media organisations;

Just a few thoughts here. 

§9.2:  Why are they only explicitly calling out Islamophobia?  What about “Jewophobia” or “Christiophobia” or “Hinduphobia” – or more plainly, the hostility that is inherent in Islam to all other beliefs?  Why are Muslims the only group to receive this special attention?

§9.7.6:  Are these intellectual giants encouraging the indigenous populace to be active in politics?  It seems to me that if a person wants to have a voice in politics, it should be up to that person to get involved based on his or her own convictions. 

§9.7.9:  By not portraying Islam as a hostile or threatening religion, the “educators” thus tasked will have to completely ignore the bulk of the history of Islam, whitewashing or ignoring the deaths of millions of people killed in the expansionist conquest of what is now Dar-al-Islam, and the humiliations heaped upon those left alive who did not convert…which continue to this day.

§11.6:  This is by far the most egregious contradiction of the principle of church-state separation I’ve ever seen in the modern West.  If these morons were to propose that “member states…encourage young European Christians to become priests“, the people of Europe would hang their carcasses for the birds.  More pointedly, if someone from outside their cocoon of idiocy were to make such a proposition, the howls of outrage and derision coming from their own mouths would be deafening.  This is hypocrisy of the highest order.

I’d write more, but I’m getting too worked up already.  Read more at the link above, and at Galliawatch.


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