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Bald-faced Lie of the Day

Posted by Godefroi on July 29, 2009


“I think Bush-bashing has been alive and well since ‘07 and, since it keeps working, why not use it?” she said. “Voters have short memories. The [Obama] administration needs to remind people that things were way worse over the last four years than in the last six months.

Are you f^&*ing KIDDING ME?!?!?

I lack the words to express my disbelief at this incredibly stupid lie.

Let’s look at the facts, shall we? (at Hot Air).



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Nixon Would Be Proud

Posted by Godefroi on July 10, 2009

Anyone remember what former President Nixon supposedly said about what he should have done differently?

This is shamelessly taken from Hot Air – mainly because it reminded me so much of Mr. Nixon.

Carol Browner, former Clinton administration EPA head and current Obama White House climate czar, instructed auto industry execs “to put nothing in writing, ever” regarding secret negotiations she orchestrated regarding a deal to increase federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards.

Yup…put nothing in writing, and burn the tapes.


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A Question of Ignorance

Posted by Godefroi on March 12, 2009

Once again, I’m “inspired” by the Headline Thingy at Hot Air.

This time, it’s related to an interview of one of the early and strong proponents of embryonic stem cell usage/research, former President Clinton.  He was questioned whether the controversy will die down or not – betraying the perspective of the interviewer in the process – that is, the only way for the controversy to diminish is for (in his words) “people [to] come around”.  Obviously he thinks the hubbub is hogwash…not surprising since he works for CNN.  They hire the most interesting people.

But I digress.  Clinton’s statements included the following:

I think – the answer is I think that we’ll work it through. If – particularly if it’s done right. If it’s obvious that we’re not taking embryos that can – that under any conceivable scenario would be used for a process that would allow them to be fertilized and become little babies, and I think if it’s obvious that we’re not talking about some science fiction cloning of human beings, then I think the American people will support this….

…frozen embryos are basically going to be discarded, because they’re not going to be fertilized

…it’s a pro-life decision to use an embryo that’s frozen and never going to be fertilized

But those committees need to be really careful to make sure if they don’t want a big storm to be stirred up here, that any of the embryos that are used clearly have been placed beyond the pale of being fertilized before their use

There are a large number of embryos that we know are never going to be fertilized

…they’re not going to fool with any embryos where there’s any possibility, even if it’s somewhat remote, that they could be fertilized and become human beings[um, hello?  They ARE human — what else could they be, crocodiles?  Great tactical wording, no?]

Do you see the egregious error here?  Or, perhaps I’m giving the Honorable Mr. Clinton more credit that he deserves, and it’s not an error but an intentional misdirection.

For anyone not catching on, I’ll defer to the dictionary, to wit:


  1. The fertilized egg of a vertebrate animal following cleavage.
  2. In humans, the prefetal product of conception from implantation through the eighth week of development.

You see, dear Reader, there is no embryo until AFTER fertilization.  I’m assuming here that Clinton does not understand that…which in itself says much about the intellectual calibre of our esteemed leaders.  I’m giving Mr. Clinton the benefit of the doubt here.

As an aside, I’d really like to quibble with the dictionary’s duration of the embryonic stage.  I’ve seen how human an 8-week-old pre-born appears…it’s dishonest in my opinion to still use a term which connotes an unrecognizable clump of cells.

Anyway, the same grace offered to Mr. Clinton can not, however, be extended to Mr. Gupta…or rather DR. Gupta.  Yes, he’s a PHYSICIAN.  Obviously he’s quite aware that an embryo does not exist without fertilization.  Since he did not offer a correction, he must be willingly propagating the misinformation, presumably to further the agenda to which I alluded above. 

All this leads to the “question” in the post title.  How many of those who support the idea of embryonic stem cell research believe that the cells are actually harvested from some kind of free, unfertilized tissue that no one would have use for anyway?  Would they still be supportive if they understood that these ARE “fertilized and [would] become little babies”?  And how much effort is there to keep the truth of the humanity of these embryos hidden?

Just how ignorant are we?

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The Truth Will Out…

Posted by Godefroi on September 30, 2008

Even if no one is really paying attention.

A READER AT A MAJOR NEWSROOM EMAILS: “Off the record, every suspicion you have about MSM being in the tank for O is true. We have a team of 4 people going thru dumpsters in Alaska and 4 in arizona. Not a single one looking into Acorn, Ayers or Freddiemae. Editor refuses to publish anything that would jeopardize election for O, and betting you dollars to donuts same is true at NYT, others. People cheer when CNN or NBC run another Palin-mocking but raising any reasonable inquiry into obama is derided or flat out ignored. The fix is in, and its working.”

H/T Instapundit.

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Posted by Godefroi on September 30, 2008

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler summarizes the missing, “unavailable”, history of the MSM’s favorite candidate:

…what it is, exactly, that Teh One™ has actually DONE in his life, besides hang out with known terrorists, slum lords, racists and liars, to earn his vaunted “presidential credentials”.

1. Occidental College records — Not released
2. Columbia College records — Not released
3. Columbia Thesis paper — ‘not available’
4. Harvard College records — Not released
5. Selective Service Registration — Not released
6. Medical records — Not released
7. Illinois State Senate schedule — ‘not available’
8. Law practice client list — Not released
9. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate — Not released
10. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth — Not released
11. Harvard Law Review articles published — None
12. University of Chicago scholarly articles — None
13.Your Record of baptism — Not released or ‘not available’
14. Your Illinois State Senate records — ‘not available’

Teh Obamessiah could actually go into the Witness Protection Plan (or the CIA, if he wasn’t such a pussy and traitor) and not have to make up a fakepast life“, since nobody could ever track him down using his real worldexperience“.

Who exactly IS this guy?  WHY is ANYONE supporting him?

When I was first applying for a job out of college, Items 1-4 were required (not a thesis, but rather the details of my senior Design Project).  Number 9 was a de facto requirement.  Number 5 was needed just to get IN to college.  I keep my #10 in the safe-deposit box…for just such an emergency.  Same with #13.

Could he be…The Knight Rider?

JOIN HIM…”a flight into the world of a man who does not exist.

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Flight 93 Blogburst: Forewarned

Posted by Godefroi on September 18, 2008

Many thanks again to Alec Rawls.

“They had some forewarning and they chose to take action.” The defenders of the crescent also have forewarning, and are trying to cover it up.

Blogburst logo, petition

Gordon Felt, president of the Flight 93 family group that supports the crescent shaped memorial, offered a nice summary statement of the heroism of Flight 93:

They had some forewarning and they chose to take action.

“It’s that citizen soldier, heroism message,” he said “that we want to get out and memorialize their actions.”

Mr. Felt also has forewarning of an enemy plot, but he and the other defenders of the crescent design are choosing not to act. They are displaying a perfect anti-spirit of Flight 93.

According to Flight 93 Advisory Commission member Tim Baird, they all know that all of our basic claims about the crescent design are accurate: the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent; the 44 translucent blocks that are to be placed along the flight path, etcetera. Yet they and their allies in the press are doing everything in their power to keep the public from knowing what they know.

Example 1: PA paper reports Mecca orientation controversy, omits its own verification of the Mecca orientation of the crescent.

In last week’s anniversary coverage of the 9/11 attacks, the Johnstown Tribune Democrat noted the controversy over the orientation of the crescent. We say it points to Mecca . The Park Service denies it:

The project also has been dogged by complaints spearheaded by California author Alec Rawls that the memorial points to Mecca and is a veiled tribute to the Islamic terrorists – a claim family members and developers maintain has been investigated and refuted.

What reporter Kirk Swauger fails to mention is that he himself fact-checked the Mecca-orientation claim last year, and published his findings:

Rawls maintains that the midpoint between the tips of the crescent points almost precisely toward “qibla,” the direction to Mecca, which Muslims are supposed to face for prayer.

His claims seem to be backed up by coordinates for the direction of qibla from Somerset that can be found on Islam.com. When superimposed over the crescent in the memorial design, the midpoint points over the Arctic Circle, through Europe toward Mecca.

This is the only instance in three years now where any news organization has ever published any fact-checking of our easy to fact check claims about the memorial design. Alec has several times emailed Kirk’s published confirmation of the Mecca-orientation to every newsdesk in Pennsylvania and to every reporter covering the memorial story. They ALL know about it. Yet even Kirk continues to present the Mecca orientation claim as a “he said, she said” conflict, without letting his readers know that he has verified the Mecca-orientation for himself (and this isn’t the first time he has made this omission).

If Mr. Swauger really wanted everyone to forget his confirmation of the Mecca-orientation, he could just avoid any mention of the orientation of the crescent at all. Alec’s best guess is that Kirk is being held back by Tribune Democrat editor Chip Minemyer, who has tried to sweep the memorial controversy under the rug from day one, but the reporters are also neck deep. Several have suggested that to investigate and report on the accuracy of our claims would be taking sides. Of course that phony “scruple” would disappear in a second if the facts showed our criticisms to be bogus.

Example 2: Gordon Felt himself misled the public about the 44 blocks.

The Crescent of Embrace design, now called the (broken) Circle of Embrace, calls for a total of 44 inscribed translucent memorial blocks to be placed along the flight path. (There were forty passengers and crew on Flight 93 and four terrorists.)

In trying to get this information out to the public, we need to be brief, so “44 inscribed translucent memorial blocks” sometimes gets shortened to “44 glass blocks,” or “44 blocks.” Asked last spring about the 44 blocks, Gordon Felt declared it a lie:

Opponents also claim there is a plan to have 44 glass blocks — for the 40 victims and four hijackers — in the design.

“That’s an absolute, unequivocal fabrication that is being portrayed as fact,” said Edward Felt’s brother, Gordon Felt, president of Families of Flight 93. “It’s misleading and helps drive the conspiracy theory.”

But he follows this denial with a footnote, indicating that he knows full well that there will be 44 memorial blocks:

Felt said the names of the passengers and crew will be placed on the memorial, but no final decision has been made on how they would be displayed or on what material.

In other words, he is nit-picking over our occasional description of the blocks as “glass blocks,” when they might not all be technically made of glass.

As Alec’s original report to the Memorial Project made clear, 43 of the blocks are described in the design drawings as “polished, translucent white marble”:

Memorial Walls, 43 "glass" blocks, 45%

Click pic for larger image.

The lower section of wall, on the left, contains forty of the “translucent white marble” blocks or panels (backlit at night), inscribed with the names of the forty heroes. The upper section of wall, on the right, contains three more blocks, inscribed with the 9/11 date.

That upper section of wall, by the way, is centered on the bisector of the giant crescent, placing it in the exact position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag. Thus the date goes to the Islamic star. The date goes to the terrorists.

Here is the 44th block on the flight path. It marks the upper crescent tip, where according to the Park Service’s own website, the flight path symbolically breaks our (Christian) circle, turning it into the giant ( Mecca oriented) crescent. A clearer depiction of al Qaeda victory is hard to imagine, and it all comes together right here:

Large glass block at upper crescent tip

At the end of the Entry Portal Walkway (after the walkway symbolically “breaks” the towering Entry Portal Walls) sits a large “glass memorial plaque” that dedicates the entire site.

This 44th translucent block on the flight path marks the spot where the terrorists symbolically broke our harmonious circle and turned it into a giant Islamic shaped crescent. To be inscribed: “A field of honor forever.”

Gordon Felt knows ALL of this, and is trying to keep the public from knowing. It’s as if someone on Flight 93, hearing from the ground that airplanes had crashed into the Trade Towers , insisted to the other passengers that NO airplanes had crashed into the Trade Towers .

Apparently grief has made these people crazy. They have forewarning, and are struggling with all their might to keep others from being forewarned as well.

To join our blogbursts, just send your blog’s url.

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Thought Control

Posted by Godefroi on August 26, 2008

Ever wonder why so many cults have the tendency isolate the intended victim recruit from the rest of the world?

It’s because in isolation the flow of information is completely controlled by the cult leaders.  Awash in propaganda – that is, information that is solely supportive of the cult and derogatory toward opposition – the recruit becomes unable to distinguish truth from falsehood, good from bad, normal from fringe…all because of the information he’s fed.

Ever wonder why the rabid left is becoming more vocal, and (apparently) more numerous?  (I’m borrowing the rehtorical question from the Astute Bloggers, with grateful H/T)  Follow the money, and the info.

It’s the information age, so the media is made up of several sectors today. American thought patterns and political sentiments are influenced almost entirely by a combination of all of these sectors, collectively referred to as the media.

The Media Sectors and their to-date 2008 Political Investments

* Computer & Internet – $24,255,207 (62% to Democrats)
* Books, Magazines & Papers – $12,187,548 (78% to Democrats)
* Computer Software – $8,922,053 (61% to Democrats)
* Motion Picture Industry – $7,523,136 (88% to Democrats)
* Cable & Satellite TV – $6,303,046 (63% to Democrats)
* Music Recording Industry – $2,983,755 (79% to Democrats)
* Television Production and Distribution – $2,322,587 (86% to Democrats)

These numbers are 2008 total individual and PAC donations coming from the people who make up these media sector industries. But the picture is even more convincing when we begin to look at individual organizations. Ever wonder why our education system is slanted hard left? Here are some of the biggest publishers of educational materials.

* Reed Elsevier Inc. – $135,250 (69% to democrats) – Publisher and information provider, operating in four core segments: science and medical, legal, education, and business.
* Houghton Mifflin – $132,000 (97% to democrats) – Major publisher of textbooks, reference works, fiction, non-fiction, and educational software and video.
* National Geographic Society – $79,463 (95% to democrats) – provides free maps, photos, videos and daily news stories.

Ever wonder why the news media has a hard left bent?

* General Electric/NBC/MSNBC/CNBC – (88% to democrats)
* Disney – (86% to democrats) – Walt Disney Studios, Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures, and Miramax; owns television interests including ABC, the Disney Channel and ESPN; runs dozens of local television and radio stations.
* ABC News – (99% to democrats)
* BBC International – (62% to democrats)
* CBS News – (99% to democrats)
* CNN News – (99% to democrats and Ron Paul)
* Newsweb Corp – (100% to democrats) – a publisher of ethnic and alternative newspapers in the United States, based in Chicago, Illinois.
* Cox Newspapers – (100% to democrats) – Publishers of sixteen local newspapers in Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and Ohio.
* Time Inc – (66% to democrats) – the largest magazine publisher in the US.
* News Corp – (95% to democrats) – Rupert Murdoch’s global vertically integrated media company includes properties in film, television, cable. (Donor facts provided by Open Secrets)

Think the internet is more fair and balanced? Guess who manipulates search engine results (aka online headlines)?

* Google Inc. – (81% to democrats) – Biggest search engine and online news source.
* Yahoo! Inc – (86% to democrats) – Search engine and online news source.
* MSN – (91% to democrats) – Search engine and online news source.

We homeschool.  We don’t watch television.  We monitor what our kids can see on the internet.  Still, because of the friends they have that aren’t protected in this way, they come up with some really crazy comments and ideas.  We’re able to balance what their friends give them as facts with other facts, so we can encourage independent thought while they’re still young (we strive to encourage them to consider the new, additional information, rather than simpy telling them “how it is”).  In this way, we hope that by the time our kids are adults they will be able to filter what they see and hear coming from mass media and compare it with Truth.

Without our intervention, they would only get one perspective…the perspective that the Left is promulgating on TV (disguised as news), the radio, the internet, and (worst of all) in the classroom.

There is a definite effort to brainwash us, the voting American public.

Don’t give in.

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Flight 93 Blogburst: Lies, Damned Lies

Posted by Godefroi on August 14, 2008

Memorial Project Superintendent lies about receiving threats

Blogburst logo, petition

Joanne Hanley, superintendent of the Flight 93 Memorial Project, cannot answer the damning facts about the crescent design (now called a broken circle), so she has decided to slander the people who are pointing them out. In a speech at the Memorial Project’s August 2nd meeting, she cited a list of “threats” she had received from critics, saying for instance that her “career would be destroyed.”

In defense of Superintendent Hanley, Flight 93 family member Calvin Wilson expressed his disgust at the violent threats and charged that critics were acting like the terrorists themselves. Three Pennsylvania newspapers covered Hanley’s claims to have been threatened, one editorialized against the uncivilized critics, and a Memorial Project press release highlighted Wilson’s outraged response to the supposed threats.

It is all a lie. Here is the Letter to the Editor that Alec Rawls just sent to the duped Pennsylvania newspapers, exposing Superintendent Hanley’s deception:

A warning is not a threat. A warning is to protect against a threat.

As the lead organizer of the movement to stop the crescent design, I can tell you who made the statements that Superintendent Hanley was complaining about. I recognized every one of the phrases she cited as coming from myself. It is ME who Joanne Hanley is accusing of making threats, an accusation that is not just false, but grotesquely dishonest.

What Joanne Hanley is casting as threats were WARNINGS, trying to alert her to the threat posed by architect Paul Murdoch and his scheme to plant a giant Mecca-oriented crescent on the Flight 93 crash site. This is one of Superintendent Hanley’s excuses for refusing to heed warnings about the crescent design. She pretends that warnings are threats and hence SHOULD NOT be listened to.

When I couldn’t get Hanley to look to the facts for the country’s sake, I tried to appeal to her instinct for self-preservation, warning her of the personal consequences of Murdoch’s attempt to stab a terrorist memorial mosque into the heartland of America . (That is the meaning of a crescent that Muslims face into to face Mecca : it is the central feature of a mosque.)

As I put it in a March 2006 email to both Superintendent Hanley and Project Manager Jeff Reinbold:

I have been trying to save your lives and your careers for six months. It is not too late for you. You can still do your jobs and investigate the basic facts I have warned you about, like the Mecca-orientation of Murdoch’s original Crescent of embrace, and the continued presence of Murdoch’s original crescent in the redesign.

Shortly after this email, Joanne Hanley told me why she was not concerned about the almost-exact Mecca orientation of the giant crescent. In a conference call with Jeff Reinbold, she told me that: “It isn’t exact. That’s one we talked about. It has to be exact.” (The giant crescent points 1.8° north of Mecca , ± .1°.)

I have to interject something here.  Let’s concede that the memorial DESIGN points 1.8° north of Mecca.  How immeasurably minute a difference in the CONSTRUCTION of this mosque would correct that?  Then the betrayal of the American people would be complete.

Also, considering that most mosques in the world were built prior to the advent of modern GPS and similar technologies, how many of them point EXACTLY at Mecca…less that 2° off?  Apparently, according to Ms. Hanley and her advisors, those don’t count.  And what about all those poor Muslims who must pray wherever they are, and can only face in the general direction (they hope) of Mecca?

If she had admitted to the public what she was admitting in private—that the giant crescent does indeed point almost exactly to Mecca —it would have been okay. The people of Pennsylvania would be able to decide for themselves whether a giant Mecca-oriented crescent makes an acceptable memorial to the victims of Islamic terrorism, so long as it does not point EXACTLY at Mecca . Instead, the Memorial Project decided instead to deceive the public, sending an academic fraud from the University of Texas to assure the press that there is no such thing as the direction to Mecca:

Daniel Griffith, a geospatial information sciences professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, said anything can point toward Mecca, because the earth is round. [Post Gazette, “Flight 93 memorial draws a new round of criticism,” August 18, 2007.]

Just as I warned Superintendent Hanley that her career was in jeopardy, I also warned Dr. Griffith that his career would be destroyed if he did not correct this blatant disinformation. Like Hanley, Griffith too interpreted my warning as a threat, as if it would be ME who was responsible for the harm to his reputation, when he was covering up evidence of an enemy plot by lying about basic geometry, pretending that there is no direction between two points on planet earth.

In spite of the Memorial Project’s active cover-up of Murdoch’s plot, I continued to treat Superintendent Hanley as what she is: a fellow countryman aboard a hijacked airplane who is in need of rescue. As I put it in another email to Superintendent Hanley last November:

I don’t want you to be hurt here. There is only one bad guy in this story: Paul Murdoch. I want to help everyone else get off of this hijacked airplane. … I am not your enemy. I am your friend. I am the one who has been trying to save you, for two damned years, and I still am, despite your persistent public slanders against me.

Is it even POSSIBLE to be clearer? A warning is not a threat. A warning is to protect someone from a threat, as my communications spelled out over and over. For Joanne Hanley to pretend that these warnings about the threat she is facing were threats in themselves is deliberate dishonesty. For her to tell Calvin Wilson that these attempts to protect her from Murdoch’s plot were violent threats against her, prompting Wilson to use his status as a family member to attack critics on this dishonest basis, is even worse.

Joanne Hanley is not the only person I am warning. Every Pennsylvanian is aboard this hijacked airplane. How can the newspapers of Pennsylvania let stand a fraudulent claim that there is no such thing as the direction to Mecca ? How can the educated people of Pennsylvania , the math teachers, the college students, the politicians, let such a fraud stand, when every one of you knows that Muslims face Mecca for prayer?

If Pennsylvanians continue to be willfully blind to easily verifiable evidence of an enemy plot in your own back yard, history will not be kind to you.

Alec Rawls

Palo Alto CA

August 12, 2008

Morality requires trust in truth

Imagine if one of the passengers on Flight 93 was told that if they did not retake the airplane, they would be killed when the terrorists flew the airplane into a building. If the passenger was Joanne Hanley, she would say: “Stop threatening me!”

Any excuse to avoid the truth, no matter how nonsensical or even suicidal. A photo-negative of the fighting spirit of Flight 93.

Asked by Pilate to account for himself, Jesus answered: “To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth.” (Jn. 18:37.) Jesus wasn’t a witness for the truth only sometimes, or only about matters of salvation. He proceeded from the factual truth of every situation that crossed his path, and called upon the rest of us to similarly trust in truth.

Secular moral reason demands the same thing. Anyone who thinks that it can somehow be right or in their interest to avoid or suppress the truth will through that avoidance of the truth become divorced from reality, with the inevitable effect that their ideas about what is right or in their interest can only be wrong. This is the irrationality of the Memorial Project. They proceed on the assumption that the crescent design is innocent, while self-consciously covering up evidence that it is not.

This malfeasance puts the rest of our society to the test. All of the people who we pay to check and report the facts: government, academia and the media, are all desperately trying to suppress the truth. That leaves it up to the rest of us to witness and communicate the truth about Murdoch’s plot. (Some basic facts, and how to verify them for yourself, posted here.)

To join our blogbursts, just send your blog’s url.

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Flight 93 Blogburst

Posted by Godefroi on June 25, 2008

Text of a message from Alec Rawls:

Last week’s email campaign is putting some serious hurt on the Memorial Project. Superintendent Hanley and Park Service Director Mary Bomar are both issuing replies that are loaded with boiler plate but evade the simple question that was asked: WHO broke our peaceful American circle and turned it into this giant Mecca oriented crescent? [You can see this boilerplate response in one of my previous posts – GdB]

They are refusing to even think about their OWN explanation for the crescent design. Let’s nail ‘em.

Let’s hope there are some people who are actually listening, thinking through this, and taking action.

Park Service refuses to say who broke the circle

Blogburst logo, petition

The planned Flight 93 memorial is described as a circle “broken in two places,” with the unbroken part forming a giant Mecca-oriented crescent (originally called the Crescent of Embrace).

Since last week, the Park Service has been inundated with hundreds of emails, demanding to know WHO is being depicted as breaking the circle.

It can only be the terrorists. The circle is a symbol of peace, and only the terrorists can be charged with breaking the peace on 9/11.

Thus the planned memorial shows the terrorists breaking our peaceful circle and turning it into a giant Mecca oriented crescent (which remains completely intact in the so-called redesign). In other words, it’s one giant: “ALLAHU AKBAR!” (heard on Flight 93’s flight recorder as the doomed flight careened towards the ground).

Superintendent Hanley’s reply

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Holy Sh|te!

Posted by Godefroi on April 3, 2008

I knew that our military establishment had come up with some doozies, but this is something…ELSE.

I’d heard that we had a non-lethal weapon that had been dubbed the Ray Gun, and that it wouldn’t be deployed in Iraq.  Apparently there’s much more to this story.  Excerpted from Front Page Magazine interview with Dave Gaubatz.

The Pentagon officials have intentionally lied…

The Pentagon has had an operational “Ray Gun” since early in 2003. The Ray Gun was designed to be a lethal weapon. It can kill, injury the person very badly, or just slightly depending on the setting of the mechanisms…

The Ray Gun can send a signal at least a football field in width from a long distance from the target and take out (kill) hundreds of enemies within a few seconds. Few if any American troops would need to die…

A weapon that can instantly kill entire battalions is not a weapon our politicians believe the American people could accept [Couldn’t the Daisy Cutter bomb do the same thing?]…This simply means PC comes first, and then the lives of our brave troops suffer…

So our politicians believe that Americans will be happier with and additional 4,000 American deaths than they will be with a weapon that basically only endangers those trying to accomplish said deaths.  Hmmm.  I’m not a fan of killing, but war is war.  If we have a weapon that can protect our own, and speed up the end of this conflict, it needs to be used.

No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.  – George S. Patton

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More “No-bama” Reasons

Posted by Godefroi on January 16, 2008

The ascent of Barack Obama from state senator in Illinois to a leading contender for the Presidential nomination in the span of just a few years is remarkable. Especially in light of a noticeably unremarkable record — a near-blank slate of few accomplishments and numerous missed votes.

However, in one area of foreign policy that concerns millions of Americans, he does have a record and it is a particularly troubling one…

One seemingly consistent them running throughout Barack Obama’s career is his comfort with aligning himself with people who are anti-Israel advocates. This ease around Israel animus has taken various forms…

Early on in his career he chose a church headed by a former Black Muslim who is a harsh anti-Israel advocate and who may be seen as tinged with anti-Semitism. This church is a member of a denomination whose governing body has taken a series of anti-Israel actions…

As his political fortunes and ambition climbed, he found support from George Soros, multibillionaire promoter of groups that have been consistently harsh and biased critics of the American-Israel relationship…

Now that Obama has become a leading Presidential candidate, he has assembled a body of foreign policy advisers who signal that a President Obama would likely have an approach towards Israel radically at odds with those of previous Presidents (both Republican and Democrat). A group of experts collected by the Israeli liberal newspaper Haaretz deemed him to be the candidate likely to be least supportive of Israel. He is the candidate most favored by the Arab-American community.

The anti-Israel rants of this minister [of Trinity United Community Church which Obama has attended for 20 years – GdB] have been well chronicled. Among the gems: 

The Israelis have illegally occupied Palestinian territories for almost 40 years now. [This is an outright lie – GdB] It took a divestment campaign to wake the business community up concerning the South Africa issue. Divestment has now hit the table again as a strategy to wake the business community up and to wake Americans up concerning the injustice and the racism under which the Palestinians have lived because of Zionism. [of course no mention here of the injustice and racism suffered by dhimmi Jews at the hands of the Arab Muslims for a millenium and a half- GdB]

Nevertheless, an Obama spokesman told the New York Times he is proud of his pastor and his church…

As I’ve mentioned before, what is the likelihood that he would attend a church for 20 years yet not agree with it’s outlook?

Obama has shown continued allegiance to a man who preaches racial exclusiveness, the superiority of black values over white middle-class values, and whose teaching contains anti-Israel diatribes. All these are sharply at variance with what Obama himself preaches on the campaign trail.


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Stop the Memorial Betrayal Blogburst: TBogg’s Lying

Posted by Godefroi on December 19, 2007

Nod: Cao

TBogg’s phony excuse for the deleted Flight 93 document

Slight language warning, with Clinton-Lewinski analogy (4th section).

TBogg has posted an explanation for how Kevin Jaques’ assessment of the Flight 93 Memorial went missing from one of his comment threads. Sometime following “the Infamous Alec Rawls Comment Thread,” says TBogg:

… after I was done picking up the beer cans, cigarette butts, and the assorted discarded underwear, I switched from Blogspot comments to Haloscan. In the process, all of the previous comment threads were lost…Fortunately through the miracle of intertubes nerdiness the Lost Commentinent has been rediscovered and you can go read them here.

TBogg insinuates that the Holoscan snafu is the reason that the restored comment thread is missing the Jaques comment, but he does not actually say it, and for good reason. The Jaques deletion had nothing to do with any comment system switchover.

A commentator at Alec’s Error Theory blog looked up TBogg’s site on the Wayback Machine. Turns out that Wayback was taking snapshots of Tbogg’s comment threads every week. Only Blogspot comments show up on Wayback, but that is all that is needed to tell the tale.

Throughout the period in question (spring and summer of 2006) all of TBogg’s Blogspot comment threads are stable except for the “infamous” one, which actually exhibits quite a bit of activity. Not only did TBogg hand delete Jaques comment, but he was apparently torn about it, changing his mind a number of times over a period of weeks.

Background, for those who don’t know what Kevin Jaques did

It is not known exactly when Kevin Jaques was asked by the Memorial Project to write an assessment of Alec Rawls’s warnings about Islamic and terrorist memorializing features in the Crescent of Embrace design. Most likely he wrote it in late March of 2006, just before he posted it at the end of TBogg’s January 6, 2006 comment thread.

(If anyone wants to look, go open up the March 31st snapshot of TBogg’s site, then find the January 06 archive page. The Lunacy Abounds post is about a third of the way up from the bottom. Click on the permalink and the comment thread will appear, with the Jaques comment at the bottom. In the previous snapshot, March 28th, the Jaques comment has not yet shown up. Ditto for earlier dates.)

The Jaques comment is important because it shows the blatant dishonesty of the Park Service’s internal investigation. Jaques acknowledged that the giant Mecca-oriented crescent at the center of the design is similar to the Mecca direction indicator (called a mihrab) around which every mosque is built, then he told the Park Service not to worry because no one has ever seen seen a mihrab anywhere near this big before:

Thirdly, most mihrabs are small, rarely larger than the figure of a man, although some of the more ornamental ones can be larger, but nothing as large at the crescent found in the site design. It is unlikely that most Muslims would walk into the area of the circle/crescent and see a mihrab because it is well beyond their limit of experience. Again, just because it is similar does not make it the same.

The Park Service has released excerpts from Jaques’ comment, proving that the TBogg comment comes from Jaques, but it has never released the revealing parts, like where Jaques says not to worry because one has ever seen a mihrab this big before.

How to get rid of the body? TBogg has second, third and fourth thoughts

TBogg is THE source for the full text of Jaques’ analysis, with its blatant excuse-making for the giant mihrab. Having this analysis publicly available was a problem, both for Jaques and for the Park Service. Since TBogg had no way of knowing that on his own, it seems that somebody must have contacted him, because in the July 21, 2006 snapshot of Tbogg’s Lunacy Abounds comment thread, the Jaques comment is missing from the end.

Blogger allows blog administrators to hide and show comment threads, and it allows them to delete individual comments. Blogger also allows people who comment non-anonymously to delete their own comments. Jaques left his comment anonymously, so only a blog administrator could have deleted his comment. Unless TBogg got hacked, that would have been TBogg.

The August 21st snapshot of the Lunacy Abounds post shows shows TBogg having another thought. Here the entire Lunacy Abounds comment thread is hidden, while all the other comment threads on the archive page remain visible. (About half the posts in Wayback’s August 21st snapshot of TBogg’s January 2006 archive page do not have working permalinks, but of the pages that do come up individually, only Lunacy Abounds has the comment thread hidden.)

If “all of the previous comment threads were lost,” that was a separate incident. The archival record shows that a blog administrator went in and turned off the Lunacy Abounds comment thread by hand. Again, unless TBogg got hacked (or the Wayback Machine is wacked), that was TBogg.

Of course TBogg did not say anything about getting hacked. He insinuated that Haloscan is the culprit. Nope. Haloscan is innocent. Does TBogg want to try pointing the finger anywhere else?

On August 28, 2006, the “infamous comment thread” reappears, again without the Jaques comment. Wayback doesn’t have TBogg snapshots for 2007, but for most of this year the comment thread was again turned off (the Haloscan snafu?), until sometime recently TBogg himself retrieved the comment thread (without the Jaques comment) from the wayback machine and linked it to his original Lunacy Abounds post.

Not quite Hamlet. TBogg consistently wants the Jaques comment “not to be.” He just can’t decide how he wants it not to be.

TBogg’s Monica Lewinsky choice

To complete his Clintonian deception, TBogg makes an over the top admission, pretending it is all a joke:

So, yes. I have been busted. I’ve been getting more payoffs than Bill Bennett with a roll of nickels at Circus Circus. Between George Soros and Osama bin Laden I’ve received so many Miatas, that some of them are still sitting around in the blister packs.

At least he makes it amusing, but the joke is on the Bogglings. TBogg actually meant the “I have been busted” part.

Will TBogg’s legions of vitriolic followers take this Clintonian lie kneeling down? What’s it going to be TBoggers: spit or swallow?

TBogg will have to suffer some embarrassment for duping his readers, but so what? The man embarrasses himself every day. The important thing is that he is in a position to actually be of help in exposing the cover up of Islamic and terrorist memorializing features in the Flight 93 memorial.

Who contacted him? What did they say? Did he knuckle to a plea from Jaques alone, or was he actually contacted by the government?

TBogg could well have been duped himself. Maybe someone at the Park Service told him that this was an internal government document that was not supposed to be available to the public and asked if he could please remove it. Now that he knows a) that the Park Service is accused of perpetrating a cover up, and b) how the document that he himself covered up contains clear examples of dishonest excuse making, TBogg is in the same position as his army of Bogglings. He knows that he has been used.

Is he going to swallow it, or spit it out? Spit TBogg. You’ll feel much better in the morning.

Can’t we all just be against planting a terrorist memorial mosque on the Flight 93 crash site?

There is no reason for a left-right divide over the Flight 93 Memorial. It isn’t the critics of the crescent design that politicized the issue, but the defenders of the crescent, starting with newspapers like the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that knew about the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent back in 2005 and decided not to publish it. They were too busy using their editorial page to slam critics of the crescent as right wing bigots. Inconvenient facts could not be allowed to interfere with their chosen story line.

Then there are people like TBogg who politicize everything. Instead of checking the facts, he starts with his presumptions about which side he should be on, then looks for smarmy ways to characterize the opposition. That is not a rational thought process, but he can more than redeem himself if he will just stop deceiving everybody and start helping to expose the facts.

He could also give his moron brigades a chance to redeem themselves by asking them to actually check a couple factual claims about the crescent design:

Is the giant crescent is really oriented almost exactly on Mecca?Is the 9/11 date really inscribed on a separate section of Memorial Wall that is centered on the bisector of the giant crescent, placing it in the exact position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag?

Is it true that every particle of the original Crescent of Embrace design remains completely intact in the so-called redesign?

This is what the blogosphere OUGHT to be good for. If TBogg is too busy to check the facts, why not put his minions to work?

For more on who TBogg has been covering up for, see last week’s post on Dr. Jaques 2001 article, where he argued that we should formulate our response to the 9/11 attacks in accordance with sharia law. How did this advocate for Islamic supremacism become the Memorial Project’s sole consultant on the warnings of Islamic symbolism in the crescent design during a crucial period when the Project’s dismissive posture was set in stone?

If TBogg would tell us what he knows, it might help answer that question, or pose others equally important. No more deception. Just tell the damned truth.

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