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Words from the Wise One

Posted by Godefroi on December 10, 2009

OBAMA ON TUESDAY: “Even as we have had to spend our way out of this recession in the near term, we have begun to make the hard choices necessary to get our country on a more stable fiscal footing in the long run.”

OBAMA, LAST WEEK: “We are under no illusion that somehow the federal government can spend its way out of this recession…”—Remarks at a White House jobs forum



3 Responses to “Words from the Wise One”

  1. 7HEAVENS said

    Lord Jesus,
    We know your are who you say you are,
    and we know you can do what you say you can do,
    Lord, come and show your Light and your Truth to
    all the world, and in it’s hour of need, Come Holy Spirit,
    and restore the world from the Darkness and the Enemy,

    In Jesus Name we pray,
    for Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory,
    World without end,


  2. I didn’t spend my way into this recession, and there’s no way I can spend my way out of it — particularly in this economy.

    This household is living with Draconian budget cuts, particularly with Mr. AOW’s illness and long recovery from the stroke he had on September 15.

    • Godefroi said

      Ah, my friend AOW hasn’t given up on me yet! And 7Heavens popped in too!

      You’ve no idea how much I appreciate that.

      Somehow I missed that Mr. AOW had a stroke this fall. I pray he’s recovering well by now. I’d be pleased if you let me know if there is any way other than prayer that I can help.


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