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Who will defend DOMA?

Posted by Godefroi on July 8, 2009

Barack Obama is on record as wanting to repeal the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, though I’m not certain that it’s still on his website, and I just can’t bring myself to go and look.

In any case, we know where his intentions are…and his crone Pelosi is right there with him.  I have to wonder how enamored of him and his policies the judiciary of the 1st Circuit is, because DOMA is about to have it’s day in court.

Massachusetts sues feds over definition of marriage

Massachusetts is suing the federal government over a law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

State Attorney General Martha Coakley filed the lawsuit Wednesday in federal court in Boston. It says the federal Defense of Marriage Act interferes with the right of Massachusetts to define marriage as it sees fit.

On the one hand, AG Coakley has a point…the Tenth Amendment says explicitly that powers not granted to the Fed is held by the individual states or their citizens, and the “Full Faith and Credit” clause can easily be  interpreted to mean that a marriage in one state is a marriage in all states.  But doesn’t that cut both ways?

“Full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state”

That is, a state that extends marriage by law and judicial ruling to only one man and one woman should have THAT respected by all other states, right?

Anyway, it will be interesting as this case unfolds.


2 Responses to “Who will defend DOMA?”

  1. Ron Stauffer said


    Some 53 years ago – Washington DC (WDC i.e. this World System’s “high seat” of generating evil) tossed Divine LAW, out the front door (of America) as-if it were some “smelly sack of garbage” – in front view of The American Version of Christianity (not-to-be confused with “that” of her some 21 sister nations i.e. The 1st World Nations of Jacob’s (Semitic) Modern (non-Jewish) Posterity) WHILE – its only response was-to JUST sing AMAZING GRACE and VICTORY IN JESUS as-of ONLY nothing – was wrong – so-setting “the foundation” of Absolute-Apathy THAT-BOTH: BUILT “the wall” that has-both: separated America from HIS-ALMIGHTY Watch-Care (so-destining Great National Tragic Events to – come to fruition) and-allowed WDC to “set a course” of illegally-legally (i.e. violating The Constitution WHILE making “law of the land”) legislating “good to be evil” AND “evil to be good” WHICH IS – simultaneously Waging Economic and Immoral Warfare against “the populace!!!”

    Now – these decades later – WDC has long-since legalized “The Abominations” of-all “the strange gods (a racial term) which-have (for too long) been-generating “the dysfunctions” AND “the addictions” THAT have-been destroying 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of families and lives, daily, 24/7 – all this WHILE The American Version of Christianity possesses 70 (or more) percent of America’s Resources and Energy – it can’t “lift a finger” to-cast (in-conjunction with Obeying “the prophets”) “one whit” of this evil of Paganistic Multiculturalism – out the back door – so-testifying THAT it is, indeed, our nation’s largest cult and social club – bur for one reason:

    satan does not war against his own house WHILE nowhere does he have more captives THAN he does inside “the religious prison” of man-made Institutionalized (i.e. signing the anti-Christ 501.c3 WDC Contract to-become an agent of WDC so-allowing its members to – include in their Income Tax Deductions, their donations in-exchange for Spiritual-Castration (i.e. no Biblical SALT!!!) to “not meddle” in Politics!!!

    There has-been “no escapes” from this prison – over the past 2000 years i.e. it is Absolutely-Secure (releases come ONLY via Divine Pardons – I know because I’ve been-there!!!)!!!

    There are 1000s of well-intended 501c3 Organizations re The Abominations, Apologetics (ever wonder WHY “the enemy” does not ever “have to do” ANY Apologetics?!!!) and re The High Iniquity of Doctrinal Diversity YET – not one battle, in this Cultural War, being waged by WDC, against The Bible HAS EVER – been won!!!

    I offer Biblical Supporting Material via three MS Word files that I sent out – by request.

    Some other references: (scripturesforamerica.org (watch the two DVDs: “GOD – Bless America Again” and “Witchcraft WDC”) – missiontoisrael.org – ampron.org – israelect.com – amren.com – thetruthseeker.co.uk – seel-info.com – hoffman-info.com “key words” – esau jewry – red jewry – ashkenazi jewry – edom jewry)

    Looking for non-501c3 allies to-return warfare, against the enemy re WDC’s Cultural War against The Bible

    Ron Stauffer – f8fbearcat777atfastmail.fm


  2. Godefroi said

    Wow…I think that’s a really great comment…if only it were a little more coherent!

    Would you be willing to put all that in a nutshell?

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