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Declaration of Independence From the “Sort of God”

Posted by Godefroi on June 10, 2009

Now that I have a few minutes here and there, I was finally able to catch up – ok, not really catch up, but at least check out – some of my favorite sites.  I found this excellent piece at Infidel Bloggers Alliance, and had to share.

Dear Former Senator Obama

America has been at this brink before. How long your fellow citizens endure the abandonment of American Tradition, Values and Law remains to be seen. What their reaction will be is also unknown.

The men who drafted and signed this document, and the equally brave women who stood behind and beside them, were guilty of Sedition and Treason of the highest order. Yet today we call them Patriots. Founding Fathers.

So is it Sedition or Treason today to ask, to DEMAND, that you either abide by this document, and it’s Sister The Constitution, or resign your current position?

If our own leaders will not abide by these, why should any of us? Why should any of us be bound to those same leaders?

“A Patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” — Ed Abbey

(Adopted by Congress on July 4, 1776)

The Unanimous Declaration
of the Thirteen United States of America

OK…that’s my cutoff point.  Go read the rest – you won’t be sorry.


3 Responses to “Declaration of Independence From the “Sort of God””

  1. I was just over at IBA and saw that you had signed up. 🙂

  2. hoosierarmymom said


    IBA??? What’s that AOW???

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