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A Little History

Posted by Godefroi on March 30, 2009

Some not-common knowledge is being disseminated today at American Thinker.

Hopefully it will be become more common.

In 1920, Great Britain was given the responsibility by the League of Nations to oversee the Mandate over the geographical territory known as Palestine with the express intention of reconstituting within its territory a Jewish National Home.

The territory in question stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to the eastern boundary of Mandatory Palestine, which was a border that would separate it from what was to become the future state of Iraq [Hey, did you know that Iraq was “created by the UN” just like Israel supposedly was?  Does that make Iraq’s existence illegitimate too?  Just wondering.].

The League of Nations created a number of articles, which were in line with the original intent of the Balfour Declaration of November 29th, 1917. At the last minute, however, a new article was introduced by the British Colonial Office: article number 25.

At first the sudden addition of this article was not a cause for alarm but gradually it became apparent that its inclusion directly enabled Great Britain in 1921 to tear away all the territory of geographical Palestine, east of the River Jordan, and give it to the Arab Hashemite family; the territory to become Trans-Jordan and led by the emir Abdullah. [Here’s another one!  Jordan was also “created by the UN” – ANOTHER illegitimate state?]

Britain presented this gift to Abdullah, the son of the Sherif of Mecca, as a consolation prize for its awarding of the Hedjaz territory and Arabia, which included Mecca, to the rival Saud family: That vast territory is now Saudi Arabia. [Wait, another?]

This was the first partition of Palestine and created a brand new entity 87 years ago covering some 35,000 square miles or nearly four-fifths of the geographical territory of Palestine [If one looks at old maps of the area, one can see the disparity between Arab Palestine (Jordan) and Jewish Palestine]. Immediately Jewish residence in the territory [Arab Palestine] was forbidden and it became in effect judenrein – the German term for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from a territory [Note that there still were – and ARE – Arabs legally living AS CITIZENS in Jewish Palestine…that is, Israel] 

As I’ve mentioned before, THE TWO STATE SOLUTION HAS ALREADY BEEN TRIED.  It was, and will always be, a failure.


5 Responses to “A Little History”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your closing statements.

    But that material isn’t being taught in our schools, so people keep believing that a two-state solution is possible.

  2. I read your posts for a long time and must tell that your posts always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  3. 7HEAVENS said

    “This is My name forever, and by this name I am to be remembered to all generations.”
    What is the name? What is that script?

    • Godefroi said

      THE HAME (Ha-Shem) is just as it is shown – although it’s generally translated into English as “I AM WHO I AM”, or just “I AM”, or even “LORD” (all caps necessary).

      The script is Hebrew.

      • 7HEAVENS said

        Wow, that is really cool. I understand that “post holocaust Judaism” is exploring closer ties with Christianity which I welcome. Your post are excellent. More would be nice, but perhaps quality takes time.

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