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The best defense is to be good and offensive…or something like that.


Posted by Godefroi on December 15, 2008

While it’s not clear from the writings of the Founders on the subject of armed citizenry that individual self-defense was precisely what they had in mind (from criminals, that is…it’s quite clear that they intended protection from the Feds), this is an example of why we should all be exercising our 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

H/T: Headline thingy at Ace


An intended rape victim shot and killed her attacker this morning in Cape Girardeau when he broke into her home to rape her a second time, police said.

The 57-year-old woman shot Ronnie W. Preyer, 47, a registered sex offender, in the chest with a shotgun when he broke through her locked basement door.
The woman told police he was the same man who raped her several days earlier. Officials do not intend to seek charges against her.

Those who would restrict your right to a firearm will provide you with statistics that show that you’re not very likely to be attacked in your home…as if “not likely” is sufficient.

The point is not how likely it is to happen…it’s whether or not you want should be permitted to have some protection IF it happens.


One Response to “Armed”

  1. Similar incidents of self-defense about.

    In my view, justified self-defense is a God-given right. And it saves taxpayers’ money too, as the recidivistic lowlifes are brought to justice without taking up court time.

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