A Defending Crusader…

The best defense is to be good and offensive…or something like that.


Posted by Godefroi on December 8, 2008

Put this one in the So What file.

Obama’s still smoking.  (via LGF)

Yeah, a lot of us are, even after we told everyone (including ourselves) that we (would) quit.  And?

Even C. Everett Koop was a smoker.  Remember him?

There are much more important things to worry about.


2 Responses to “Uhhhh”

  1. I don’t care if BHO smokes cigarettes. But watching his obfuscation on Meet the Press in indicative of how he squirms out of direct questioning.

  2. Godefroi said

    Agreed…and everyone should have figured that out by now – or rather, by about a year ago.

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