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End Anti-Christian Bigotry!

Posted by Godefroi on November 14, 2008

Around the world, Christians are being increasingly targeted, and even persecuted, for their religious beliefs.  Now, one of the largest organizations in the United Nations is pushing to make a bad situation even worse by promoting anti-Christian bigotry wrapped in the guise of a U.N. resolution called “Combating Defamation of Religions.”  We must put an immediate end to this most recent, dangerous attack on faith that attempts to criminalize Christianity.  Please read the form below carefully and declare your membership with the ACLJ by adding your name to our PETITION OPPOSING THE ORGANIZATION OF THE ISLAMIC CONFERENCE.

via ACLJ.


5 Responses to “End Anti-Christian Bigotry!”

  1. The U.N. is determined to cram Islam down all our throats.

  2. hoosierarmymom said

    I am linking to this post.

  3. Godefroi said

    AOW – absolutely. That body has lost its usefulness. McCain’s League of Democracies may have been a goofy idea, but it couldn’t be more stupid than our continued participation in the UN.

    Hoosierarmymom – Thank you!

  4. hoosierarmymom said

    Mustang on “Social Sense” has a great post on the mockery aka UN. It is excellent and supports what you are saying.

    The UN: A Bastion of Imbeciles

  5. Godefroi said

    Bastion of Imbeciles! I love it!

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