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The Obligatory Joe-the-Plumber post

Posted by Godefroi on October 17, 2008


A typical American worker – a plumber (I wonder if he’s “a typical white person, a Bitter Clinger™). A man who got tagged by Sen. Obama to ask him a question – one in which the answer proves that Obama plans on taking from those who work hard, and giving that money to those who don’t.

And JTP gets creamed for it. As even NPR will tell you – as they did me this morning – he works as a plumber, but horror of horrors, he’s not actually licensed as a plumber. He owes back taxes (gee, I wonder why his question concerned taxes). He’s got a lien on his property.

He wears Spiderman underoos!

Who gives a shit?

The frothy-mouthed Left-bats rushing to Obama’s defense point out that, aside from the damning evidence cited above, which of course proves beyond a doubt that he’s not worth listening to, JTP doesn’t even make $250k per year…”not even close”, in his own words. He’d actually save on taxes under Obama’s plan given his current income.


You’re missing the entire point, jackasses!

JTP asked a legitimate “What if” question. What if – I bought this business? What if – I grew it to the point where I’d clear $250k?

Obama’s response – that he doesn’t want to “punish your success” – is the whole point….not what JTP makes this year or what his current year’s taxes will look like. JTP is looking FORWARD. He’s asking…will it actually be worth my while to invest in and grow this business?

The answer he got, and that we should ALL be paying attention to, is NO. Obama’s tax plan creates a significant disincentive to grow a small business. JTP’s hypothetical plumbing venture could potentially employ a dozen people (not likely, but possible), but only if he has the financial incentive to make the business bigger. Isn’t it more likely that he’d curtail efforts at growth once he approaches that magical 250 threshold?

He COULD turn this business into a multinational conglomerate, employing thousands of other people – after all, every huge business was once a small business – but ONLY if he’s willing to stomach the hit he’d take personally to get it to Stage 2, let alone Stage 100.

Starting a business is risky. JTP would have to make serious sacrifices to make and keep it going, let alone growing. Once he has enough to keep his family well-supported, why risk more?

Obama’s plan supposedly protects certain small business…what it really does is guarantee that they’ll stay small.

Is that really the way to improve our economy?


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