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Is Ignorance Bliss?

Posted by Godefroi on October 16, 2008

A world-famous “Constitutional Law Scholar” and University Professor Lecturer doesn’t know what the Supreme Court’s job is.

Obama, on the other hand, endorsed judicial activism:

I think that it’s important for judges to understand that if a woman is out there trying to raise a family, trying to support her family, and is being treated unfairly, then the court has to stand up, if nobody else will. And that’s the kind of judge that I want.

Except, of course, that’s not their job.  Judges have the task of applying the law as promulgated by coordination between the elective branches of government, the legislature and the executive.

Keep in mind what the Constitution actually says:

Article. I.

Section. 1.

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

ALL (definition: ALL) Legislative (definition:having the function of making laws) Powers (definition: abilit[ies] to do or act) lies with CONGRESS

If current law sucks, so be it.  Lack of fairness or compassion is not the bailiwick of the Supreme Court – it’s the Legislature that has the responsibility to make any necessary improvements to existing law.

One would think a Constitutional “Expert” would know these things.  Go figure. 

H/T: Hot Air


3 Responses to “Is Ignorance Bliss?”

  1. I was screaming at my TV after BO told us what sort of judge he wants. He wants one that defines justice, not one that applies the law.

    BO wants a New Age Solomon–and half of your baby goes to the person who doesn’t have one of her own! His judges will ensure it, even if the law says I have a legal right to my own baby.

    If people would really listen to BO, even the dimwitted would be able to see him for the New Age pinhead he is. Of course, his phenomenal appeal is precisely because there are so many New Age pinheads among us.

    Even constutional scholars aren’t immune to the seductive tow of New Age ideas.

    Anyway, God, ol’ buddy, sorry Akismet snuffed your comments at my spot a couple days ago. My guess is that you made three quick comments in a row and so Akismet freaked. Your comments have been recovered and posted, and Akismet should know for the future that you’re allowed to comment as much as you like.

    What’s funny is that you commented on a post about comment spam. LOL. BTW, Akismet has hitherto only filtered genuine comments when a comment contains two or more links. Yours contained no hypertext links, but you were blocked anyway.

    I’ve tried (and still use) quite a few spaminators, and they all have issues one way or another.

    You take care, young man, and pray a lot between now and November.

    It’s our only hope.

  2. I just killed Akismet and reCaptcha. Another commenter got blocked. I upgraded Akismet to the newest version not too long back, and it and the reCaptcha don’t play well together, apparently. Being entirely impartial, I’ve dumped both.

    There’s lots of solutions, and I’ll keep experimenting until I find something I (and my millions of readers) can live with.

    This is what we need to do with our leaders: boot each and every one of the malfunctioning lot until only those remain who actually work for us, and not against us.

  3. Godefroi said

    Not knowing anything about CSS, html, etc. is sometimes a blessing – just pick a theme and go. Let WordPress do all the heavy lifting!

    I suggested to my wife that we should just vote for whomever is running against our incumbents – she said she thinks she’s going to go straight-ticket Republican (for the first time ever) and be done with it. Either way, we can’t afford to lose any congressional seats to the D’s with what appears to be the impending Obama win.

    Small victories, I guess.

    Keep the faith, amigo.

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