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Persecution of the Day

Posted by Godefroi on September 10, 2008

This is different than most of those I’ve highlighted, but the message is still there.

Nod: Hugh (an atheist, I believe) at Dhimmi Watch.

Today, a noticeable feature of the Western press (aside from the “anti-Israel” coverage of so many of the reporters in Western Europe who have found a socially acceptable outlet for antisemitism) is the indifference to, or even hostility to, Christianity. This includes the failure to recognize its significance in the history of Europe and of the West, and a hostile treatment of the activity of contemporary Christian figures. Look at how the Western press covered Pope Benedict’s 2006 Regensburg speech, and misreported consistently on it.

One is not impressed, either, with the endless television joking about groping priests and altar boys, which continues even as Muslims threaten the church frescoes in Bologna with destruction. And when it comes to Evangelicals, they are presented in vicious caricatures in European magazines as a key feature of the supercilious, and often nasty and quite comically inaccurate, coverage of the United States whenever the subject is other than economics (in such a magazine as “The Economist”). In such coverage, European audiences are treated to a spectacle of America, “too-religious” America, which invites comparison with splendidly advanced post-Christian Europe and suffers by the comparison. For here, in our benighted land, the Bible belt widens with the waistlines of those waddling Americans, those gun-toting (oh, there’s a machine gun in every pot, in America, don’t you know?), saliva-dripping, Bible-quoting, table-thumping, troglodytic because still Christian, Americans, with their honor saved only, here and there, by the odd (very odd) Chomsky or two.

See the rest.


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