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Thought Control

Posted by Godefroi on August 26, 2008

Ever wonder why so many cults have the tendency isolate the intended victim recruit from the rest of the world?

It’s because in isolation the flow of information is completely controlled by the cult leaders.  Awash in propaganda – that is, information that is solely supportive of the cult and derogatory toward opposition – the recruit becomes unable to distinguish truth from falsehood, good from bad, normal from fringe…all because of the information he’s fed.

Ever wonder why the rabid left is becoming more vocal, and (apparently) more numerous?  (I’m borrowing the rehtorical question from the Astute Bloggers, with grateful H/T)  Follow the money, and the info.

It’s the information age, so the media is made up of several sectors today. American thought patterns and political sentiments are influenced almost entirely by a combination of all of these sectors, collectively referred to as the media.

The Media Sectors and their to-date 2008 Political Investments

* Computer & Internet – $24,255,207 (62% to Democrats)
* Books, Magazines & Papers – $12,187,548 (78% to Democrats)
* Computer Software – $8,922,053 (61% to Democrats)
* Motion Picture Industry – $7,523,136 (88% to Democrats)
* Cable & Satellite TV – $6,303,046 (63% to Democrats)
* Music Recording Industry – $2,983,755 (79% to Democrats)
* Television Production and Distribution – $2,322,587 (86% to Democrats)

These numbers are 2008 total individual and PAC donations coming from the people who make up these media sector industries. But the picture is even more convincing when we begin to look at individual organizations. Ever wonder why our education system is slanted hard left? Here are some of the biggest publishers of educational materials.

* Reed Elsevier Inc. – $135,250 (69% to democrats) – Publisher and information provider, operating in four core segments: science and medical, legal, education, and business.
* Houghton Mifflin – $132,000 (97% to democrats) – Major publisher of textbooks, reference works, fiction, non-fiction, and educational software and video.
* National Geographic Society – $79,463 (95% to democrats) – provides free maps, photos, videos and daily news stories.

Ever wonder why the news media has a hard left bent?

* General Electric/NBC/MSNBC/CNBC – (88% to democrats)
* Disney – (86% to democrats) – Walt Disney Studios, Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures, and Miramax; owns television interests including ABC, the Disney Channel and ESPN; runs dozens of local television and radio stations.
* ABC News – (99% to democrats)
* BBC International – (62% to democrats)
* CBS News – (99% to democrats)
* CNN News – (99% to democrats and Ron Paul)
* Newsweb Corp – (100% to democrats) – a publisher of ethnic and alternative newspapers in the United States, based in Chicago, Illinois.
* Cox Newspapers – (100% to democrats) – Publishers of sixteen local newspapers in Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and Ohio.
* Time Inc – (66% to democrats) – the largest magazine publisher in the US.
* News Corp – (95% to democrats) – Rupert Murdoch’s global vertically integrated media company includes properties in film, television, cable. (Donor facts provided by Open Secrets)

Think the internet is more fair and balanced? Guess who manipulates search engine results (aka online headlines)?

* Google Inc. – (81% to democrats) – Biggest search engine and online news source.
* Yahoo! Inc – (86% to democrats) – Search engine and online news source.
* MSN – (91% to democrats) – Search engine and online news source.

We homeschool.  We don’t watch television.  We monitor what our kids can see on the internet.  Still, because of the friends they have that aren’t protected in this way, they come up with some really crazy comments and ideas.  We’re able to balance what their friends give them as facts with other facts, so we can encourage independent thought while they’re still young (we strive to encourage them to consider the new, additional information, rather than simpy telling them “how it is”).  In this way, we hope that by the time our kids are adults they will be able to filter what they see and hear coming from mass media and compare it with Truth.

Without our intervention, they would only get one perspective…the perspective that the Left is promulgating on TV (disguised as news), the radio, the internet, and (worst of all) in the classroom.

There is a definite effort to brainwash us, the voting American public.

Don’t give in.


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