A Defending Crusader…

The best defense is to be good and offensive…or something like that.


Posted by Godefroi on July 30, 2008

Some good news out of the Knesset! (via AP)

Israeli prime minister to resign in September


Olmert, whose term was to end in 2010, said he would not run in his party’s primary election, set for Sept. 17, and would step down afterward “in order to allow the chairman to be elected and form a different government quickly and efficiently.”

Let’s hope his replacement will actually look out for Israel’s interests, rather than those of her enemies.


2 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. Madame Vengier said

    How I yearn for the days of Golda Meir. Granted, I wasn’t born back then but I’ve read a lot about her. Israel desperately needs a leader with the mind and heart of Golda.

  2. Madame Vengier said

    BTW, I read that Olmert is resigning slowly becuase he is trying to salvage his party (which is shit–it’s the party of crap) so that his replacement will be of his same mind (such as the coward Livni). But if his party loses its grip on power that pave the way for the return (possibly, so I read) of Benjamin Netanyahu.

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