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Idiot’s Guide to Islam

Posted by Godefroi on July 18, 2008

DMARTYR (H/T) has alerted me to this site (apparently it’s both MuhammadsQuran and the Idiot’s Guide to Islam, and there’s some relationship to the site In The Name of Allah too).  I don’t know who runs it, but it contains much audio commentary on Islam and the Qur’an.  None of it complimentary (so far, at least).  All of by someone who has obviously studied the subject matter extensively, and is (of course) a native speaker of Arabic.



Click the image to go to the referenced page at the blog site…I don’t know how to get the code for the control to work here, which is probably just as well.
MUCH, MUCH food for thought.

2 Responses to “Idiot’s Guide to Islam”

  1. Madame Vengier said

    Nice! I actually needed a link like this.

    And good blog! I have added you to my Freedom Fighters blogroll. And you’re even right at the top since your blog starts with “A”, LOL.

  2. Godefroi said

    Thank you Madame. Your site is already in my “Favorites” folder. I shall add you here as well.

    Keep up the fight! Lan Astaslem!!

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