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Posted by Godefroi on July 17, 2008

Two years later, and dead, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev are finally home after being kidnapped by Hizballah.

Israel launched a pitiful war attempt in response to their abduction, a war which ended up worsening Israel’s image in the world while strengthening and emboldening their Islamist enemy in Lebanon.  And the release of 5 still-kicking terrorists in exchange for Goldwasser’s and Regev’s remains will only serve to embolden Hizballah further, along with the rest of her enemies.

A millenium-and-a-half of subservience must have altered the DNA of today’s Jewish people (at least the ones with high seats in Israel’s government), as the leaders in the land of this once-proud people is pushing the nation and populace into acts and attitudes of head-hanging penitence and appeasement.

It can only get worse from here.

H/T Jihad Watch.

Update: Make that dead, and mutilated

“the verification process yesterday was very slow, because, if we thought the enemy was cruel to the living and the dead, we were surprised, when we opened the caskets, to discover just how cruel. And I’ll leave it at that.”

Also, Dr. Bulldog reminds that these men were captured and verified ALIVE, which means that Hizballah murdered these men, ostensibly prisoners of war, and are thus guilty (TRULY guilty…not like the accusations tossed at Israel…Israel returned living people) of war crimes.


2 Responses to “Homecoming”

  1. Hey, God. You’ve been awfully busy. Good for you.

    Yeah, it’s sickening the filth that is holding the reins of power in Israel. I’m not sure that Hizbollah isn’t more respectable. At least they take care of their own, unlike Olmert and crew.

    Problem is, we’re about to install similar leadership in our great nation, and we are under assault by the same forces that threaten Israel.

    Just keep ringing the bell and sounding the horn.

    What else is there to do?

  2. Madame Vengier said

    Olmert is doing a bang-up job on the Holy Land.

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