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Drying up the trough

Posted by Godefroi on July 3, 2008

One of the recurring themes during the Primary season (and one which will continue to resurface during the general campaign) is the impassioned pleas for health care coverage for everyone.  Universal health care will solve one of the major problems for the poor, namely the accessibility of doctors and treatments.


Again and again, the question is raised – rarely answered – of how a program of this nature is to be paid for.  Reason indicates decreased government spending on other programs in order to pay for this one, along with an increase in taxes just to make sure it gets off on a steady footing.


But what happens when the monetary well runs dry?  How many governments in the West are operating on a budget surplus, or even at break-even? 


We know that OUR government has been in the red for years, and that our debts are unfathomably enormous.  Perhaps we can start a new entitlement for health care…but when the tax base shrinks (and it will), what then?  Cuts, of course.  Cuts like this one, in the UK, which has had a socialized medicine program for decades.


A Down’s syndrome man and Special Olympics champion who has been working for free for years is now being charged a fee to wash councillors’ dishes.


Virgil Taylor has been helping to wash up, wipe tables and set up trolleys in a restaurant used by town hall staff for 17 years as part of subsidised adult care services.


Every week Mr Taylor – who won a gold medal at the Special Olympics in Glasgow in 2005 – has attended 10 sessions run by the William Knowles Centre in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.


But now savage cuts have ended the subsidies and the 34-year-old will have to pay £2.50 per session for the ‘privilege’ of cleaning up after councillors.


We already have trillions of dollars of debt that we have no reasonable way of repaying.  And one candidate in particular has as part of his platform a hugely expensive socialized healthcare idea (on top of the $850 billion he wants to give away overseas).  What ever happened to fiscal responsibility?  And what happens to those like Mr. Taylor who have depended on their subsidies for subsistence when those payments have to stop?


The creditors aren’t going to wait forever.  The piper must be paid.  The deeper the debt hole gets, the more precarious our economy and security get.  How long before the oil-rich countries in the ME buy out America’s infrastructure because we no longer have the means to support it ourselves?


Who will be the big dog then?  And what will be the fate of the weakened, deposed alpha-male?



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