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Hope and Change

Posted by Godefroi on July 2, 2008

That is, I HOPE  you don’t notice how often I CHANGE my position.

Another Lying Bastard Alert, courtesy of You-Know-Who.

H/T:  The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

[Obama advisor Anthony Lake] stressed that Mr Obama, even after withdrawing troops from Iraq over 16 months as he has promised, would maintain “a residual presence for clearly defined missions”. These would include military training, and “preparedness to go back in if there are specific acts of genocidal violence”.…

Highlighting a parallel with his first posting as assistant to Henry Cabot Lodge, a US ambassador in 1960s Saigon, he said: “It is common sense that we could not leave Vietnam successfully unless we left behind a government in Saigon that could govern successfully.

“It seems obvious in retrospect; it was not obvious enough to too many politicians at the time. In Iraq it’s the same problem.”

So not only has his “immediate withdrawal” become a 16-month process, the “complete withdrawal” has become a “residual presence” in case, among other things, we have to “go back in there” in cases of genocidal violence.

Oh, and we can’t leave Iraq at all unless we’re sure that the government we leave behind is capable of governing successfully.

Even if that takes 100 years, right Senator?

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