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Mo: the Movie

Posted by Godefroi on June 25, 2008

Bill Warner of Political Islam has done the math on the Sira, the biography(ies) of Muhammad (Ibn Ishaq, al-Tabari, and Ibn Sa’d).

Some findings:

  • There are 621 pages that describe the prophet period of Muhammad [this is just Ishaq, I believe]
  • only 12 pages in, the first Kafir blood is drawn
  • 98% of the text is devoted to violence (verbal included) against non-Muslims; there is peace for only 2%
  • 72% involves some form of jihad (starts at page 281, and continues for 409 more)
  • 5.3% of the text relates to the destruction of the Jews-assassinations, executions, rapes, torture and exile
  • If you add the verbal violence to the physical violence, the Sira is 8.6% Jew hatred

To put this in perspective, he takes a Hollywood approach.

If the Sira were a 2-hour movie of Mohammed as a prophet, it would go like this:

Mohammed has his first revelation in the first scene. The first fight starts 2 minutes into the movie. After that it is plotting, shouting, arguing, threatening and preaching. Even when the scene is in Mohammed’s camp, the backdrop is always the struggle with the kafirs. Then 34 minutes into the film, the first killing happens and killing continues for the next 1 ½ hours. Armed raids, assassinations, plots, spies, executions, torture, rape, battles, and on and on. Kafirs (non-Muslims) die and lose. Mohammed dies. Islam triumphs. End of film.

Contrast this story with another film, about one who was neither a murderer, nor a warlord, nor a pedophile or racist, yet also claimed to bring God’s message. Only one of them makes sense.


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