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Snowstorm in Hell today

Posted by Godefroi on June 17, 2008

Israel and Hamas reach Gaza truce deal

GAZA CITY (AFP) – Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement have agreed to begin a Gaza truce in two days, Egyptian mediators said on Tuesday after months of negotiations to try to halt bloodshed in and around the impoverished territory.

“We have succeeded in securing the agreement of the two sides to a complete cessation of hostilities and military action from Thursday,” Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki told AFP in Cairo.

“This is a reciprocal and simultaneous period of calm,” Zaki added.

Should Satan’s minion’s break out the wool blankets?

Maybe not.

Hamas, which has ruled Gaza for a year, said it would respect the truce timetable but warned that it remained free to respond to any attacks on its militants before the ceasefire comes into force.

“Hamas will adhere to the timetable which was set by Egypt but it is our right to respond to any Israeli aggression before its implementation,” said spokesman Fawzi Barhum.


Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev would not confirm an agreement, insisting that the Jewish state required “not just words but actions.”

“If indeed there is a cessation of terrorist attacks, if indeed there is an end to the military build-up in Gaza, if indeed there is movement on the issue of Gilad Shalit, this indeed will be a new reality.”

We Shall See….


4 Responses to “Snowstorm in Hell today”

  1. Edmund said

    Where is Bush to scream appeasement?

  2. Godefroi said

    Why would he? This is what he and Rice have been pushing for…at least the beginning of it.

    Truce now, next step: Palestinian State (since Jordan doesn’t count).

  3. Edmund said

    Negotiating with terrorists is what they want?

    Side bet, who breaks the truce first, my money is on Israel.

  4. Godefroi said

    You’re on.


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