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Your Tax Dollars

Posted by Godefroi on June 6, 2008

Excerpts from the overwhelmingly approved 2008 Farm Bill (lauded by Obama, criticized by McCain) at redstate.com

First…American farmers should be supported, but not necessarily subsidized…especially very successful ones

    `(B) FARM LIMITATION– Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person or legal entity shall not be eligible to receive a direct payment under subtitle A or C of title I of the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 during a crop year, if the average adjusted gross farm income of the person or legal entity exceeds $750,000.

and perhaps even the not-so-successful ones

Title I, Sub. F, SEC. 1621. GEOGRAPHICALLY DISADVANTAGED FARMERS AND RANCHERS. What, you ask, is a “geographically disadvantaged farmer”? Apparently, it’s somebody who started a farm so far off in the middle of nowhere that it’s too expensive to transport the crops to anybody who will buy them. You know, that should usually be a sign to go into another line of business, like maybe drilling for oil or telemarketing or something. But no – Congress will pay your shipping costs with taxpayer money!.

and most especially the DEAD ones.

Title I, Sub. F, SEC. 1611. PREVENTION OF DECEASED INDIVIDUALS RECEIVING PAYMENTS UNDER FARM COMMODITY PROGRAMS. Asks the Secretary of Agriculture to implement federal regulations to stop paying dead farmers. The necessity of this provision speaks volumes about these programs.

A few more lovelies:

Title I, Sub. A, SEC. 1104. AVAILABILITY OF COUNTER-CYCLICAL PAYMENTS. Provides for payments to farmers of specified crops “if the Secretary [of Agriculture] determines that the effective price for the covered commodity is less than the target price for the covered commodity.” For example, if the price of Oats falls below $1.44 per bushel, the oat farmers get to make up the difference with taxpayer money. Don’t you wish Congress did this for your business?

Title I, Sub. C, SEC. 1303. AVAILABILITY OF DIRECT PAYMENTS FOR PEANUTS. Yes, the bill also provides “direct payments” (i.e., regardless of the market price of the crop) for some specified crops, to make sure that if you grow peanuts, you get taxpayer dollars, win or lose! And you still get to sell the peanuts! Win-win!

Title VII, Sub. D, SEC. 7415. CONSTRUCTION OF CHINESE GARDEN AT THE NATIONAL ARBORETUM. A vital national security interest, I am sure. [Hey, I thought this was a FARM bill, not a garden bill] 

You get the picture.  Now Pay UP!

Oh yeah…Nod to Hot Air.


One Response to “Your Tax Dollars”

  1. chunque said

    Farm subsidies are for d-bags.


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