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Persecution of the Day

Posted by Godefroi on May 1, 2008

via CBN News.

If you live in London, and you want to build the largest Mosque in Western Europe, that’s great. But if you want to build the largest church, forget about it.

London’s Kingsway International Christian Church, the largest church in Europe, no longer has a permanent home. Nor is there much prospect of it finding one in London.

This congregation of as many as 10,000 was forced off its property to make room for the 2012 London Olympics.

“KICC is the largest church in Western Europe, and I think that ought to have been celebrated,” Ashimolowo said. “Rather, I believe that we were victims of the fact that it was a Christian church that has succeeded. The megachurch growth of the large church is so unknown to them. In fact, they call KICC “the American style church led by a Nigerian pastor,” he added.

Alan Craig, a Christian city councilman running for London mayor, calls it “a perfect illustration” of the City of London’s “prejudice against Christianity.”

So while London city government has literally told the largest church in the city to take a hike, it’s still pushing the construction of the largest mosque in Europe.

Not far from Kingsway’s former church property is land that has been set aside for a huge mosque complex for as many as 70,000 Muslims. The City of London wants it to be an integral part of the 2012 London Olympic site. This despite the fact that the so-called mega mosque is widely controversial, because it is being built by a secretive group called Tablighi Jamaat, which some have tied to terror [e.g. the October 2002 Portland Seven and the September 2002 Lackawanna Six cases in the United States, as well as the August 2006 plot to bomb airliners en route from London to the United States, the July 7, 2005, London Underground bombings and the July 2007 attempted bombings in London and Glasgow, Scotland – GdB].

“Mayor Livingstone is actively courting the Muslim vote. That’s what he’s doing. I also think our secular authorities are actively writing Christianity out of the script,” Craig said.


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