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Prayers and Praise

Posted by Godefroi on April 30, 2008

(this occurred within my faith community – it’s not from a spam email or any other such nonsense)


The situation:

There’s an 11 year old young lady who is checking into a hospital in this morning for some very extensive surgery on her face. She has a mass that is growing under her left eye that is putting pressure on her eye socket. The doctor doesn’t think it is malignant, but it will require extensive surgery to remove it, (they are going in under her top lip, and up through her sinuses) and there is a great risk of excessive blood loss with the surgery, requiring transfusion.

The request:

She is carrying a “prayer pager”.  If you choose, when you pray for her and her family, you may call the pager at xxx-xxxx, press any number key, and hang up. She will be notified by the buzz that someone is praying for her, though she will not know who.


Her mother wrote this morning: “Keep the prayers coming – she is wearing the pager right now as we’re on the road. The kids were in awe how late the prayers came in last night and how early this morning. What a great tool to really represent your thoughts and prayers for us”.


I am asking you to join in keeping her and her family lifted up in prayer, and keep that little pager buzzing today!

The Result:

It’s A Miracle!! That’s what Dr. Green just told Shelley. He has never seen anything like it, there was no bleeding, her eye is back where it belongs! Our God is So Good!!!

The Lesson:

Thanks so much for praying. God has heard and answered in a powerful way!

The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working] (James 5:16b)



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