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Persecution of the Day

Posted by Godefroi on March 27, 2008

One might not think of this as persecution, and I suppose it isn’t in the traditional sense.  However, the fact that the premise is entirely fabricated – presumably in order to demonstrate that Christianity and Islam as “equally prone to inspire violence”™ – puts this anti-Christian propaganda on the same BS level as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (though obviously not as stunningly hateful).

The story and details are at AT.

 [NBC’S] Dick Wolf stooped to using an imaginary storyline to run interference for Islamic murderers, particularly the “honor killers” recently in all but the mainstream news.  

You might recall the name Aqsa Parvez.  She was the Canadian teenager murdered by her father last December after refusing to wear a hijab (head scarf).  Or, perhaps, Yasser Abdul Said, who shot his own young daughters, Amina and Sarah, to death in Texas last New Years Day for dating non-Muslims.   

These were but two of a growing number of cases sounding the alarm that honor killings are no longer the exclusive dominion of the Middle East and South Asia. Yet they do remain a barbarism isolated to Muslim (and, less often, Hindu) cultures – which makes Multi-cultists somewhat nervous that future religious murders might just put lie to their cries of Islamophobia whenever jihadists appear suspect.     

And so, despite the absence of even a single case of such behavior by Christians on record, the TV program whose plots are often advertised as being “ripped from the headlines” simply created one.  

True to its 18 season formula, last Wednesday’s Law And Order opened with the discovery of a homicide victim in New York City – this time a Caucasian woman found stoned to death.  Watching with family members, I had an immediate uneasy feeling of where the storyline might be headed.  Hunch turned quickly to angry certainty when, no sooner did one of the detectives mention that he had witnessed a drug-addict so killed in Islamic Pakistan, than his Captain chimed in:  “I seem to remember some stonings in the bible, too.”  


But wait — the plot thickened.  We quickly learned that the bloody stoning was not at the hands of Islamic fanatics, but — are you ready for this — Christian ones.    

The detectives’ diligence uncovered evidence that the Muslim artist had been showing the deceased art dealer more than just his etchings. And that this tawdry interfaith affair incurred the wrath not of the Mullahs, but rather a lone fanatical Christian preacher.  Our investigative heroes soon showed the District Attorney a videotape capturing the preacher inciting a spiritual army of youths indoctrinated through dogmatic speeches and “willing to die for Jesus” while “waging war against Muslim infidels.”   


And so, at the behest of his fanatical Christofascist superior and in the name of God, he and his acolytes stoned his adulterous mother who, by having sex with a Muslim was “defiled by his blasphemous seed.” Of course, “Allah Akbar” would not have suited these particular holy warriors, so they stoned to the cries of “This Means War.”  

Oh, and just in case the moral of this completely fabricated fable somehow eluded its tolerance-seeking audience, the episode ended with a line crafted to not only minimize jihad as a fringe menace, but also to suggest that an identical fringe lurks here:  “Then our fanatics can fight their fanatics.”  

Disgraceful barely covers it.  

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