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A New Solution

Posted by Godefroi on January 25, 2008

The “Palestinians” have blown a (big) hole in the wall separating Gaza from Egypt.

One has to wonder why Egypt left it there when they took control of the border after Israel’s unilateral withdrawal back in 2005, doesn’t one?  Perhaps Mubarak is just as concerned about letting loose the rapacious Hamas as Israel is.  Or, could it be that by NOT keeping Gazans ‘trapped’, they (that is, the Palestinian leadership in particular, and the Arab leadership in general) would lose all the political and emotional appeal that is used incessantly against Israel for her  policies?  Then again, maybe it was a gesture of good will, showing the world that Egypt was just as serious about stopping the flood of weapons into Gaza as other peace-loving countries (Tunnels?  What tunnels?)  Who knows.

Maybe, if Hamas wasn’t creating and staging the crisis of shortages in Gaza, the illegal border eruption disruption wouldn’t have occurred.  Among the treacherous things they have done to their own neighbors are (thanks to Mere Rhetoric):

So the Egyptian “border guards” stand by while hundreds of thousands of Palestinians flood across the border to get food, fuel, and (of course) cigarettes (No guns or bombs, I’m certain).  Til today, that is.  Today Mubarak has deployed troops to push back the tide of his fellow Arabs making their shopping trips into Egypt.  Hamas is having none of that, so they knocked down another section of wall.  Egypt is supposedly going to close the border again – anyone out there want to wager on the success of attempting to secure that border?

I have an idea.  How about Israel officially gives Gaza BACK to Egypt.  Gaza is supposedly “occupied” territory, right?  Well, if Israel is occupying, who actually owns it?  Certainly not the “Palestinians” – there has never been a nation called Palestine, or a Palestinian People.  The only other nation to assume any kind of control in Gaza since WW1 is Egypt, so it must be that Israel is occupying Egypt’s territory.  Excellent – move out! Egypt, the bastards are all yours. 

So much for a “Palestinian State”…and good riddance.

UPDATE:  Doh!  Apparently someone in Israel already thought of this – or at least something like it.  (Nod: Jihad Watch)


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