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No-bama thoughts

Posted by Godefroi on January 18, 2008

I’m somewhat surprised at the amount of space I’ve dedicated at this point to Obama.

Must be I think he’s the scariest candidate out there.  Not just because of his platform and his questionable political ties…but because so many Americans have become enthralled with his personality, and ignored his pointed lack of substance. 

From a commentary at Front Page:

To the adoring eyes of the liberal mass media, Obama is the closest expression of a rock star, if not a “black messiah.”  While every white candidate is scrutinized and criticized, Obama remains “beyond criticism.”  Had any white candidate, with less than three years experience in the national arena declared himself a candidate for the presidency, especially at the tender age of 46, he/she would have been ridiculed.  The media’s collective white guilt with its derivative of “political correctness,” does not seek articulation on policy or substance from Obama.  It does not demand answers as to how he would tackle Iran’s terrorist aggression and nuclear pursuits, or ideas on how to grow the U.S. economy? His generalized “vision” is sufficient for the liberal media.  The white liberal media would love a black president in order to end the perceived stigma of white institutional racism – a way to cleanse the soul and regain moral legitimacy.

Just a reminder to everyone…this is not American Idol.   We should not be jeopardizing the future of America by electing a pop star, especially in an attempt to assuage some perceived guilt.


One Response to “No-bama thoughts”

  1. Check this out Godefroi.

    Barack Obama’s Middle East Expert

    It keeps getting worse and worse!

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