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American Jews Support Arab-American Platforms

Posted by Godefroi on January 17, 2008

OK, I pretty much stole the post title from the outstanding Mere Rhetoric.  So, you need to go there and read his post, including his links to older posts.  Quite enlightening.

In any case, it appears that many Jews, liberal and young, have long been convinced that [Obama’s] views on Israel put their minds at ease. His pledge to push the peace process forward (“It’s in Israel’s interest,” he explained in one speech) certainly has not given them pause.

Blind stupidity, as I pointed out yesterday.


2 Responses to “American Jews Support Arab-American Platforms”

  1. 205guy said

    I agree. Obama is getting a free ride at the moment, but wait until the real election. Then again Jews are a minority in the U.S. and their voices are often not heard. It is only by bringing these issues to the forefront that we can discuss and decide. Besides Obama’s charm is what most people see. No one could believe that he is anti-Israel.

  2. Godefroi said

    I’m actually worried that the fact that all we can see is his charm is what will eventually lead him into the Oval Office – our culture is so sickeningly easily star-struck. Look at how much “news” time is going to Britney’s latest melt-down.

    A cult of personality develops way too easily.

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