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Feeling the Love in Iraq

Posted by Godefroi on January 7, 2008

Courtesy of “the best of peoples”

(AINA) — At five o’ clock today, a few hours after the bombs had detonated; one of the churches in central Baghdad held an Epiphany mass.

“We have decided to continue to go to church, let them bomb us, we’ve had enough. It’s our country too. If they want to wipe us out, they’ll be able to do it anyway. I will die proud,” said my colleague and friend, Daniel, angry but decisive, when I eventually got hold of him.

“He has it completely correct. They tricked the Christians; they let them celebrate Christmas in peace, made them believe that the Islamic community had accepted the birth of Jesus, when it was only so they wouldn’t disrupt Eid, their own religious festival. For me this is no surprise. Fundamentalists have decided to drive us to flee once and for all. Instead of aiming their weapons at the Americans they are aiming them at us. This is not the first time. The USA and the rest of the world can no longer close their eyes to this attempt at ethnic and religious cleansing. There is genocide at work in front of the whole world and no one intervenes.

“Do you think that we can really call this genocide?” I asked him carefully.

“What is genocide if not a wiping out, if all the Christians are forced to flee, then they are wiped out, at least from what has been our homeland for more than five thousand years.” He answered angrily.

“It’s a war but we are not at war. We are not a part of this war. We carry no weapons. We kill no one. We turn the other cheek. A day doesn’t go by without us hearing reports about Assyrians, also called Chaldeans and Syrians, who have been killed.”

More background info at Dhimmi Watch (note the first line of Robert’s post text – too funny).

Catholic churches and institutions in Baghdad and Mosul, Iraq were hit by a series of bombing attacks on Sunday, January 6, the AsiaNews service reports.


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