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New Temple Mount Restrictions

Posted by Godefroi on January 3, 2008

I got a comment here once saying that he (the commenter) was not in favor of allowing Israel to control the Temple Mount as he distrusted that Israel (or any national government) would allow free access to everyone to fulfill their religious observances.  Apparently he was right…Israel does limit free access – but it turns out that it’s JEWS who are not permitted religious freedom.  Who’da thunk it?

Olmert Gov’t Bans Jewish Prayer From Temple Mount


Public Security Minister Avi Dichter announced on Tuesday the government’s official policy regarding Jewish prayer on the site of the Holy Temple: “Jews may pray on their holiest site – but only in their heart; no lip-moving allowed.”

WTF?  Why in the world would the government decree that Jews can’t move their lips while praying?

Dichter explained that government policy on the Mount is dictated by the wish to ensure that bloodshed not occur

Uh, what was that again?

He said that Jews moving their lips in prayer on the Mount, which the Moslems have sanctified as their own, can be seen as a Jewish provocation that could lead to bloodshed.

Though the two had pledged not to perpetrate “group prayer” or “demonstrative prayer,” both of which have been banned for Jews at the Temple Mount, Dichter said that the “outer trappings” of private prayer – namely, moving of lips – render even that forbidden.  In his response to the MKs, Dichter noted that the only option for Jews who wish to pray on their most sacred site “is to exchange thoughts with his G-d in his heart.”

Two things stand out in this article.  First, this government (of Israel) is completely f’d up, and needs to get the hell out.  A couple weeks ago they stood by silently and allowed Hamas to broadcast from the Temple Mount, yet Jews can’t even move their lips?!?

Secondly, that Israel would enact such a law out of fear of violence and bloodshed speaks loud and clear (or at least it SHOULD) to the world that Islam is without question NOT a “religion of peace”, but rather one of aggression and vengeance.

Read more here.  Disgraceful.


2 Responses to “New Temple Mount Restrictions”

  1. jonolan said

    I stand by my original comment! I didn’t expect this screw-up though.

  2. Godefroi said

    I was hoping you’d see this. 🙂

    At least we agree on the stupidity of “this screw-up”.


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