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Statistics are depressing

Posted by Godefroi on December 18, 2007

Especially this kind.

The correlation is even clearer when the aid of one year is superimposed on the homicides of a year later:

Bad Aid

In brief, each $1.25 million or so of budgetary support aid translates into a death within the year.

The Palestinian record fits a broader pattern, as noted by Jean-Paul Azam and Alexandra Delacroix in a 2006 article, “Aid and the Delegated Fight Against Terrorism.” They found “a pretty robust empirical result showing that the supply of terrorist activity by any country is positively correlated with the amount of foreign aid received by that country” – i.e., the more foreign aid, the more terrorism.

Our feckless leadership has pledged $550 MILLION to the PLO/PA. In all, donors in Paris have pledged $7.4 BILLION for the next three years to the Palestinians. If the math holds, then the hit money has been ponied up for 5,920 victims, 440 of which can be credited to the good ol’ U.S.A.

I’m so proud (Yes, Condi, I’m looking at YOU).

Nod: Townhall


2 Responses to “Statistics are depressing”

  1. drwilly said

    These statistics are very impressing
    It shows that financial aid without political clean-up like the Marshall plan in 1945 has an opposite effect
    Had the Marshall plan been realized in 1940 we would still live under NAZI occupation and brutality
    The lesson of this scientific observation is that terror sustaining countries should SURRENDER WITHOUT CONDITION the same way NAZI Germany surrendered without condition and was denazified.

  2. Godefroi said


    It’s extraordinarily unfortunate that the myth that we can bribe them to our side is so pervasive among the corrupt politicians and intelligentsia – probably because it would work on them – it prevents the change in approach that is needed.

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