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The supremacy of the Islamic mind

Posted by Godefroi on November 16, 2007

From an article at Front Page, based on an Al Jazeera program, provided by MEMRI, below is part of the exchange between Syrian author Nidhal Na’isa and Egyptian cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Khouli. I post it to highlight what I’ve noticed as a common thread among Islamists; that is, that the beneficence and wonder of Islam (currently and historically) is beyond question…and that if you do even remotely question it, then you’re blind idiot, period. That a person (ostensibly) of intelligence can close his mind SO TIGHTLY against any possibility of his being mistaken is a frightening, and yet humorous, phenomenon.

Ibrahim Al-Khoulib: “When they [Muslims – GdB] entered Andalusia, they brought Europe out of the darkness of the Middle Ages. [First crazy statement – as noted by Fjordman here, much of the science of ancient Greece was copied, translated, and then ignored by the Muslims. If they brought knowledge to Europe via Spain, it was entirely by accident.] They established a civilization for which the Spaniards still long today. [Only the Muslim Spaniards.] Spain found itself under the burden of the fanaticism and racism of Ferdinand, Pope Urban, and others, and so the Spaniards lament the loss of that heritage. [What is the basis for this statement?] The Jews who immigrated [sic] and founded America [Jews founded America? That’s not what this says] excelled in comparison with the other immigrants, because they stole the heritage of the Muslims.” [I would be very interested to find out what he thinks Jews stole from Muslims. Jewish traditions still in practice today obviously predate Islam]

Here’s where it starts to get good…where the esteemed sheikh starts losing it.

“In Andalusia, which you say, the Muslims conquered by the sword, they left a civilization unparalleled throughout history to this day. [Again, no facts, just broad statements] Western civilization is not really a civilization, brother.”

Nidhal Na’isa: “Western civilization is not really a civilization?”

Ibrahim Al-Khoulib: “You listen to me! You listen to me!” [I get the feeling that this guy’s not accustomed to being questioned]

This part’s the best.

Nidhal Na’isa: “Exactly. You are talking about Andalusia. Dr. Ibrahim, my dear friend, you must open your mind and enlighten yourself.”

Ibrahim Al-Khoulib: “Enlighten yourself! I enlighten you, not the other way around, boy!

Nidhal Na’isa: “You are a boy yourself. You listen to me.”

Ibrahim Al-Khoulib: “You are a boy compared to me.”

Nidhal Na’isa: “And you’re a boy compared to me too.”

[I’m not sure I like the tactic Na’isa is using here, simply returning the same insult back to the issuer. It’s probably not very effective, other than severely for irritating the belligerent party]

Interviewer: “Please, do not…”

Nidhal Na’isa: “I just want to open his mind.”

Ibrahim Al-Khoulib: “I need my mind opened?! You have the brains of an ant, compared to me.”

A refreshingly mature dialog, don’t you think? 😉



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