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The Religion of Peace site needs our help

Posted by Godefroi on November 14, 2007

Picked this up at JihadWatch.

The Religion of Peace has been a wealth of information regarding the ongoing jihad that is occurring throughout the world…and that’s EXACTLY what it has been – a SOURCE OF INFORMATION. Documentation and news citations and links abound. This is a News and Information site – NOT a hate site. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature who actually reads what’s posted there would know this.

Dear Fellow Bloggers:

The Religion of Peace Needs Our Help!


An individual by the name of (Rev.) Jim Sutter targeted our good friends at The Religion of Peace in an effort to shut down the site. The results of Sutter’s actions provoked a number of internet companies to incorrectly categorize The Religion of Peace. These incorrect categories have caused the site to be listed as a hate site, and consequently blocked by some servers. We know that the accusations made by Sutter, and the various companies are untrue. The Religion of Peace provides accurate facts about Islam — not lies. Nor can the site be accused of being racist. First of all Islam is not a race, it is a political religious ideology. Secondly, The Religion of Peace speaks out against all violence that is directed towards Non-Muslims and Muslims.

Anyone who has a blog that attempts to defend the west from radical Islam or Marxists knows that they are constantly at risk of being labeled racist, and shut down by individuals and organizations who do not want the truth to be known. The efforts to silence our voices will increase. We are all in this fight together. Therefore, it would be
greatly appreciated if all of you would post a notice on your blogs, urging your readers to support The Religion of Peace by sending protest e-mails to the offending companies. Islam and the thought police are coming after all of us. Free speech is in jeopardy. We need to pull together into a strong and united force to combat those who intend to crush us.

Out of respect for others The Religion of Peace has avoided asking for assistance. They did not want to impose their problems onto anyone else. I have permission to make this appeal on their behalf.

Please ask your readers to contact the following companies with a short polite e-mail clearly stating that The Religion of Peace — http://www.thereligionofpeace.com (include the url in the e-mails) is against violence, not racist and should be categorized appropriately under labels such as General News, Politics and Religion.

To the best of our knowledge the e-mail addresses are correct. If anyone encounters problems please contact The Religion of Peace:

Secure Computing
e-mail: sites@securecomputing.com

e-mail: cfssupport@sonicwall.com

e-mail: customerservice@surfcontrol.com

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Further background information is provided here.

Please read the background information. Sutter used the same ploys with Jihad Watch. Also, if anyone is interested, it should be noted that the “Reverend” Jim Sutter has a website as well, called hatewatchhallofshame. It too has been listed as a hate site by at least one of the above-mentioned filtering services, but in this case the filters are correct. To learn more about this jackass, feel free to visit his site, but make sure to visit the Exposing Sutter blog first.

Also, PLEASE send the emails for support. Don’t bother with the online forms for corrections – it doesn’t work.


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