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Overboard PC

Posted by Godefroi on October 22, 2007

As if everything PC weren’t overboard already…this is sinking to new low.

October 21, 2007 (at American Thinker)

British 4-year-old investigated for racism

James Lewis
This one should go down in the annals of Politically Correct paranoia. A four-year-old boy spit at a 10-year old boy during a game of chase, and the little one was accused of racism, presumably by the 10-year old child. So the school had a formal investigation.

The London Telegraph takes it from there:

“A head teacher has defended her decision to investigate an allegation that a four-year-old boy was guilty of racism during a game of chase. … Mrs Phipps said: “When a child makes an allegation of any kind, whether it’s bullying, racism, or general unhappiness, we investigate by talking to them. We couldn’t dismiss this.” …


“Rocky’s parents, Sarah, 35, and Iain Smith, 37, are demanding an apology from the school.”


“Mrs Smith said: ‘After it happened, I said to Rocky ‘what is a racist?’ and he said ‘it’s when you have races with your friends and the person who wins is it’. … “


“Tunde Bright-Davies, the chairwoman of the Racial Harassment Forum, said: ‘A very young child can hate another person because of the colour of their skin – I have met with a boy of six who said he used to be racist.'”

Not so long ago, the PC Commissars persecuted fathers and mothers on charges of sexual abuse, based on the testimony of very young children. A group of memory psychologists created the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, and after years of very difficult work, were able to show that testimony from tiny tots is not reliable enough to break up families and destroy lives. Apparently the British Racial Harassment Forum hasn’t understood that yet. It may take another campaign by scientists and other sensible folk to convince the Commissars that four-year-olds really do live in a very different reality.


There is something dreadfully sad about this little tale. The spirit of the witchhunt isn’t dead in Politically Correct societies. It has simply changed its scapegoats, in hot pursuit of that morally perfected world without sin. Today, four-year-old little boys are suspected of thought crimes in Britain.


Meanwhile, in Pakistan 130 innocent people were blown up by a suicide bomber for the greater glory of Allah. Fortunately, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, the real target, was spared. In the Sudan, the janjaweed “militia” no doubt slaughtered its usual number of human beings with the support of the Sudanese regime, which sits on the United Nations Human Rights Commission. The mullah regime in Tehran fired its slightly moderate nuclear weapons negotiator in a victory for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has sworn to destroy Israel, America, France, and Britain as soon as Iran explodes its first nuclear weapon in the next two years.


It is not know whether the British Commissars of PC are aware of any disconnect here.


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  1. aazpc said

    its a really bad activity, i hope it should be banned , and the people indulge in such activities should be given good punishments!

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