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Christian Theocracy?

Posted by Godefroi on October 19, 2007

Some information for those who fear that we tinfoil hat-wearing Evangelical Fundamentalists are going to shred the American fabric of culture, and who at the same time appear to endorse anything other than Christianity (except for Jooo-dism).

From Jihad Watch.

Their [Wahhabists] devotion to this “correct path” led them to despise numerous manifestations of Somali culture, despite its Islamic character. [What do you think they’d do to cultures that aren’t remotely Islamic?] “These people,” Goth continued, “are out to eradicate our culture, our traditions, our songs, our poetry and our folklore dances….If we let them have their way, these prophets of ‘purity’ would soon be on a mission to destroy what has remained of our culture.” He listed several female Somali singers, warning that “the cassettes of their songs will be burned in the streets. Just remember Taliban.” Goth went on to explain that the jihadists also wanted to eliminate co-ed schools and compel Somali girls to go out only “fully shrouded with black from head to toe.”

The Wahhabi-influenced Islamic Courts Union that held power in Mogadishu for seven months in 2006 bore out Bashir Goth’s fears. It criticized indigenous Somali practices as not sufficiently Islamic. One militia commander, Mohamed Ali Aden, explained: “We’ve neglected God’s verses for so long. We want our women veiled and we want them at home. [Where are the howling feminists?] We men have to grow our beards.[What would a law like this do for Native Americans, Hawaiians, Inuit, etc. who typically can’t grow substantial beards?] The Courts forbade music (which is prohibited according to strict Islamic law), dancing and soccer within days of taking power. Women began to don Saudi dress, which covered their faces, rather than traditional Somali garb, which did not.

ICU militiamen were ready to enforce Islamic law with an iron fist: after banning all movies and television viewing, jihadists shot and killed two people who were watching a World Cup soccer match in early July. Raids in Mogadishu led to sixty arrests for the crime of movie-watching. Islamic Courts militiamen also raided a wedding reception in Mogadishu because men and women were attending the celebration together and music was playing. “We had warned the family,” explained Sheikh Iise Salad of the ICU, “not to include in their ceremony what is not allowed by the sharia law. This includes the mixing of men and women and playing music. That is why we raided and took their equipment. What was going there was un-Islamic.” In September 2006, the ICU closed down Radio Jowhar, a station in a town about fifty miles from Mogadishu, because it was playing love songs. ICU Sheikh Mohamed Mohamoud Abdirahman explained that the programming was “un-Islamic.” The station was later allowed to return to the airwaves, without music. The Islamic Courts even decreed that Muslims who did not perform the five daily prayers would be executed.

Morons like Chris Hedges want you to believe that Christians in America are going to destroy the Constitution in order to implement repressive laws against individual freedoms. We supposedly want to outlaw homosexuality, abortion, divorce, and a host of other “fun” things. When is the last time we heard of a Christian group trying to ban love songs and singing, shaving, all television and movies, and mingling of the genders at weddings, or who insist on shrouding women, or who threaten to kill those who don’t pray enough? Anyone?


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