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Brutally Honest

Posted by Godefroi on October 18, 2007

From Emet m’Tsiyon.

Nod:  Sheik Yer’mami

A Prescription for War & Genocide — Stop the Annapolis Conference Now!!!

The history of international conferences and congresses –with or without the “peace” label– is not one to inspire confidence. Think of the conferences of Berlin [circa 1878], Versailles [circa 1918-1920], and Munich [1938]. They only laid the groundwork for future wars and massacres, the Second World War in the case of the Munich Conference. Today US secretary of state, Condoleeza Rice, arrived in Israel to pressure the basically unfit, incompetent, corrupt olmert government of Israel to make more concessions to the Arabs. She does this in the name of setting up a “palestinian state” for a fictitious people known as “palestinians” in the international media and diplomatic circles, claiming that such a state would bring peace with Israel in its wake. Yet, there never was a “palestinian” people in all history. Those now called palestinians are in fact Arabs and call themselves Arabs. The charter of the PLO states in Article I that the “Palestinian Arab people is part of the Arab nation and Palestine is part of the great Arab fatherland.” So they consider themselves Arabs first of all. Only Judeophobes pretend that they are a separate people.

Rice wants to set up another Arab state, to be called “palestine,” in Judea-Samaria, the very heart of the ancient Jewish homeland. This area was, however, allocated as part of the Jewish National Home set up by the San Remo Conference [1920], part of the post-World War One peace conferences. The Jewish National Home principle was ratified by the League of Nations in 1922. The borders of the National Home, as finally delineated in 1925, included both sides of the Jordan. But Britain, which committed itself to fostering development of the Jewish National Home by accepting the League of Nations mandate, violated its commitment, the mandate that had been entrusted to it. Britain limited Jewish immigration to the Jewish National Home when the Jews most needed a home, before and during the Holocaust, through the 1939 “Palestine White Paper.” Very few Jews fleeing the Nazis were allowed into the National Home by the British governing authorities from 1939 to Israel’s independence in 1948. So here we have a major Western power that violated a commitment to the Jews at a time very vital for saving Jewish lives. Moreover, the League of Nations Permanent Mandates Commission found that the UK government had violated its mandate. However, the British government did not change its policy.

We see frequent violations of commitments to the Jewish people and of commitments to international law on the part of major powers. Just a few years ago the the USA, the EU [including the UK], the UN and Russia issued the so-called Road Map. This document indicated stages to go through before an Arab state called “palestine” would be set up. The first stage included disarming of all militias that were not officially part of the Palestinian Authority armed forces, such as the militias [= terrorist groups] of Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc. This has not been done. The first stage also included ending the incitement to kill Jews, hate Jews, make war against Israel, on the palestinian authority media. This too has not been done.

Yet, Rice now wants to forget all about the commitment of the US, EU, UN, and Russia, as well as the palestinian authority, to the Road Map’s principles. The Arabs have shown very clearly that they do not want peace with Israel. Abu Mazen makes more and more demands which do not deserve to be met –and he does not deserve to be called a “moderate.” Fools or liars [take your pick] like olmert, Rice, tsipi Livni [Israel’s mentally defective foreign minister], and others persist in calling Abu Mazen [Mahmud Abbas] a “moderate” despite all of the evidence. It turns out that the secretary of state [= foreign minister] of the US president who proclaimed a “War on Terrorism” is now aiding and encouraging terrorism — and not merely terrorism against Israel. After all, if other Arab and Muslim factors see that the terrorism, the acts of mass murder, of Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad go unpunished, or even seem to be rewarded by the mighty Western powers, then they will be tempted to use terrorism against other targets of their hatred, prejudice, greed, and so on.

The violation by Rice of the Road Map in setting up the Annapolis Conference [May it fail!!] is reminiscent of Britain’s violation of its commitment to the Jewish National Home principle in 1939 by issuing the White Paper. Now, if major Western powers cannot be relied upon to honor their commitments, then what is the purpose of Israeli concessions when the other side so lightly violates its commitments? When I say, “the other side,” I am not talking merely about the Arabs, notorious for violating commitments, but about the Western powers which are not reliable either. Of course the powers may offer Israel “international guarantees” in return for concessions. But there really is no such thing as an “international guarantee.” The very offer of such a guarantee is a hostile act. These “international guarantees” are easily violated and forgotten like other international commitments.

Therefore, why should Israel give away tangible strategic assets, like the strategic Judea-Samaria north-south mountain ridge, in exchange for paper concessions from the Arab side, concessions that can be easily revoked, if they are ever honored, like an ending to ethnic and religious incitement, which the Arabs were to have done long ago, as per the 1998 Wye Plantation accords????


Please read it all.

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