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The best defense is to be good and offensive…or something like that.


Posted by Godefroi on October 10, 2007

From Samson Blinded, an interesting take on current politics…and, in a way, a response to those who assert that Israel controls the U.S.

Our tentative friends

By Obadiah Shoher

Our American friends are not only ours. America is also the friend of Wahhabite Saudi Arabia, totalitarian Egypt, the Al Jazeera state of Qatar, Bedouin Jordan, Islamist Kuwait, terrorist Iraq, and just about every other enemy of Israel. Even Russia would be a more reliable and attractive imperial master for Israel than is the US. Our American friends sell immense quantities of advanced weapons to Saudi Arabia, provide $1.4 billion annual aid to Egypt, fought for Kuwait, and spent more in Iraq in the four years than given to Israel in forty years. The US plays it nice: vetoes the UN’s empty proclamations against Israel, scorns Ahmadinejad for genuine anti-Israeli feelings of all Muslims, and pats amenable Israeli leaders on the shoulder.

America used Israel as a bulwark against the Soviet Union’s expansion in the Middle East. In the late 1960s, America enjoyed wooing Israel away from France. But the best thing for America about Israel is that she creates a controllable threat. Arabs perceive Israel as a dangerous dog and the US – as her master. The dog must be well armed to bark loudly and increase the master’s importance. The American establishment needs Israel conflicting with Muslim states. The states threatened by Israel appeal to the US for protection and arbitration. Such policy doesn’t require the absence of peace treaties between Israel and Muslims. America has it both ways in the case of Egypt: the peacemaker’s laurels of pressing Israel and Egypt into the peace agreement, and afterwards – of the power broker who arms both Israel and Egypt and oversees their hostile relations. Dog barks when feels insecure; Israel in the 8-mile-wide Road Map borders will be permanently insecure, thus hysterical. The peace agreement with Arabs would make Israel so narrow that she would not be able to afford war. Israel was very relaxed after 1967, enjoying a great depth of defense in Sinai. Ludicrously narrow Israel, surrounded by the Hezbollah-dominated Lebanon, Hamas-run Palestine, saturated with Russian missiles Syria, and Iraqi-controlled Jordan – such Israel will brandish her weapons to steer the enemies away. The enemies will be afraid and spiral the arms race and lean to America. It is soothing to believe that the US foreign policy establishment is stupid; no, it is devilish.

Only the stupid Jews imagine that the US Administration seeks Israeli benefit in the peace process.

To clarify the note I made above; if the The Powerful Israel Lobby™ were really in control here, would we really be shelling out billions of dollars in aiding, equipping, and arming her enemies? And, would Bush and Rice be able to push so forcefully for a kind of agreement with the “Palestinians” that would leave Israel indefensible?

Yah…I don’t think so either.



2 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. lirun said

    interesting – very dark – but interesting

  2. Godefroi said

    Dark indeed.

    Thanks for visiting, Lirun.

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