A Defending Crusader…

The best defense is to be good and offensive…or something like that.

Persecution Roundup

Posted by Godefroi on September 23, 2007

All from the print edition of the Voice of the Martyrs, September 2007 edition.

“My mother was irate when she found the Bible under my bed,” said Yousef. “She grabbed me by the shirt collar and shouted ‘Allah Akbar (God is greatest),’ as she beat me with a black, rubber garden hose. I couldn’t sleep for five days because of the welts on my back.”


On another occasion, she threatened to slit Yousef’s throat with a kitchen knife.

“Everything seemed dark,” explained Hamed. ‘I wanted to die as a martyr in jihad against Christians.”


“I felt love and peace and told Jesus, ‘you are my King, I will follow you ,'” Hamed explained [Hallelujah!! – GdB]


Shortly afterwards, five Sunni Muslim extremists confronted Hamed in the street and forced him into their car. They took him to an apartment where they blindfolded him. Several men restrained Hamed’s arms while others pushed, punched and kicked him…The men took a hot, iron spike and pressed it onto the back of Hamed’s right hand. They repeatedly pounded the scorching spike against his flesh.

One night, five men came knocking at the door of Salim’s home. They said they wanted him to thell them about Jesus. Salim eagerly opened the door and stopped outside.

“They started beating me and I asked why. The asked, ‘Do you believe in Jesus?” i said, ‘Yes, of course. I love him.’ They called me a snake. Two of them held me as the three others punched me in the ribs. They said they were going to kill me because I was a snake. Three of them beat my neck and said they were going to make me paralyzed so I could not walk. I would be forced to stay in the house so I could no longer tell people about Jesus.”

Salim was hospitalized with several cracked ribs and vertebrae as a result of the assault.

In a separate attack, assailants tried to break his leg with an iron rod.


Salim’s family has suffered ongoing threats against them. Assailants have broken windows of their house and have severed their water and power lines. Salim and Najlah’s children have been assaulted at school. Their son’s hand was broken in one attack.

The Palestinian congregation of Bethlehem’s First Baptist Church has suffered much for their witness. They are like “sheep among wolves’ (Matthew 10:16). Several members have been murdered, and their pastor has received death threats and was shot in the arm. Their church building has been firebombed at least 14 times during the past decade.


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