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Idiot Olmert

Posted by Godefroi on September 23, 2007

This guy is apparently suicidal…since the results of amnesty for the PA thugs were so POSITIVE last time, he’s going to try it again.

Olmert Gov’t to Free 90 More Terrorist Prisoners

by Hillel Fendel (at Israel National News)

The Olmert government voted to release 90 PA terrorist prisoners Sunday morning as a Ramadan gesture to PA/Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas. The precise list of the terrorists to be set free will be set this afternoon (Sunday) by a special ministerial committee.



2 Responses to “Idiot Olmert”

  1. jweaver said

    Unfortunately he is not alone, just today 11 leading Israeli intellectuals are publicly calling for appeasement with Hamas

  2. Godefroi said

    I hope that these “intellectuals” don’t have any real power in policy-making.

    How much longer before Olmert is out?

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