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Posted by Godefroi on September 5, 2007

Just as a point of emphasis, consider this article at NewsMax.  (Nod: FoeHammer)

Our enemies are not just a few numbers of radical Islamists, committed to violent and subversive acts. They are only the activist vanguard of a sizeable population of Muslim sympathizers with an agenda: to establish Islamist states throughout the world, whether by subverting established governments, or by letting increasing Muslim demographics accomplish this for them, as in Western Europe.

In surveying the level of global revolutionary terror or threats of violence, with few exceptions one would find a reinvigorated jihadism at the root. The geography is frightening: from the Philippines to Indonesia, from Thailand to Bahrain, from Mauritania to Ethiopia, in all Middle East countries, in ethnic Albania and the former Soviet republics, and including the current strife in France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and now even in Switzerland. In the U.S., the jihadists remain more or less under cover.

What, then, does this mean for America? It means that Muslims in the U.S., as they are in Western Europe and other countries, are a self-segregating and generally unintegrable population whose collectivist beliefs are fundamentally inimical to American values of democratic government and individual freedoms, to equal rights for women, as well as to skeptical inquiry and intellectual rejection of religious dogma.

In areas where Muslims predominate, the push to introduce Sharia (Islamic) law is ever-present. American Muslim magazine published an article in February 2007 which suggested that this could be accomplished by using Native American tribal law as a model, “as we attempt to implement Muslim family law in North America.”
A few years ago, Canadian Muslims were pushing provincial government in Ontario to set up Sharia law to adjudicate disputes within Muslim communities. In response, a united group of secularists fought this move and legislation was passed mandating that family legal arbitrations must now use Canadian law.
These skirmishes are far from over since Islamic jurists have determined that whenever Muslims become a majority in a nation, Sharia must become the law of the land.


Fear rather the long term: If we remain in the dark about this unassimilable group whose entire belief system is incompatible with American values, we will do little to resist it. And considering Europe and other countries, once Muslim numbers grow, societies are destabilized.
Although America is the land of the short-term fix, we should really be looking at the big picture. The growth of Islam in the U.S. should be watched closely — immigration should be controlled and newcomers should be scrutinized for jihadist tendencies. If the number of Muslims here increases significantly in coming years, we will sooner or later lose whatever it is that makes us Americans.

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