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More Jihad in the Balkans

Posted by Godefroi on August 31, 2007

WorldNetDaily has a report about the ongoing genocide of Christian Serbs by Muslim ethnic Albanians, arguing that the U.N. forces that have been involved there since 1999 are actually assisting in the effort to eliminate the Serb population in favor of a “free and independent” Kosovo…a Muslim Kosovo, of course.  Excerpts below. 

United Nations forces moved into Kosovo in 1999 to “stop genocide.” 

But, according to a blistering new report from the American Council for Kosovo, U.N. troops have aided and abetted the deliberate, systematic and nearly complete ethnic cleansing of the mostly Christian Serb population by mostly Muslim ethnic Albanians.

  “Every facet of the way of life of the Serbs of Kosovo is threatened by the new reality established since June 1999 under KFOR (the NATO Kosovo Force) and the U.N. and therefore the very existence of the Serbs there is threatened,” says the report “Hiding Genocide in Kosovo.”  “All kinds of persecution using all types of methods have been adopted,” the report says. “Throughout the territory of Kosovo, the Serbs have been persecuted, a persecution that is happening on their own territory, in their own country. They are denied basic human rights and are not equal to their Muslim counterparts under the law.


The U.N., in conjunction with Western powers, has been working toward this end, which they term “the final status.”  


Meanwhile, the report on Kosovo violence looks at 12 municipalities, all of which had sizable Serbian Christian populations as recently as 1999. Today, the tiny Serb remnants are composed mainly of elderly and infirm simply incapable of moving.  

Often, says the report, acts of violence against Serbs result in the arrest or detention of the victims. For instance, on Aug. 5, 2001, a hand grenade was thrown at the house of Vladimir Savic, records the diary of a Cernica Serb who himself was later killed by Albanians. Initially, Savic was reported killed in the blast. The grenade exploded just two meters from the main door and seriously wounded Savic and his wife, Stanica.

But when KFOR personnel arrived at the scene, they refused to provide the victims with first aid. Instead, they attempted to arrest their son, Miomor, who had been in the house with his wife and two children at the time of the explosion.  

“Since the soldiers refused to help the wounded, their son carried them to his car and drove them without escort to the Greek military base in Bartes, where he was refused any help as well,” says the report. “Not knowing what to do, he proceeded to the American base Bondstil.”


Similar horror stories are recounted in the towns of Novo Brdo, Devet Jugovica, Pristina, Letnica, Urosevac, Kosovo Polje, Vitina and Banjska. 


U.N. forces are also charged with a kind of ethnic profiling that directly aided the cause of Albanian ethnic cleansing. U.N. authorities overseeing the ethnic and religious balance in towns frequently identified Serbian Christian homes and Albanian Muslim homes. Sometimes yellow crosses were placed on the Christian homes – which helped identify targets for the persecutors, according to the Kosovo genocide report.  

Again, I ask:  What in the world are we doing supporting (with time, money, & real estate) the useless, moronic, morally bankrupt U.N?


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