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This is not us

Posted by Godefroi on August 11, 2007

I found a story at WorldNetDaily about a group of Pakistani pop musicians (who knew?) who have banded together “We Are The World” style to proclaim that the terrorism being inflicted on the world is not  Islamic…at least that’s the message I think they’re trying to get across.  The song is called “Yeh Hum Naheen” (it’s in Urdu), meaning “This is not us”

I have to admit that I’ve become overly suspicious of such proclamations, as most of them seem to come from people who are at the same time sectretly (or not so secretly in some cases) decrying non-Muslim culture and law as immoral and worthy of destruction.  My feeling about this video is that it means what the makers say it means – that real Muslims are not terrorists.  However the imagery is strange, and the music sounds VERY western to me – in fact, it’s very similar to stuff I heard in Mexico City, and the singers look similar as well.  Also, there’s this:


In all of the places where they sing “This is not us”, they’re showing innocuous people in innocuous settings.  Doesn’t that imply that they’re not innocuous?  I don’t’ think that was what they were oing for.  Maybe it’s a cultural difference in thinking manner or something.  

Anyway, the whole video is here.


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