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A Couple More

Posted by Godefroi on August 11, 2007

Just because.

 Nod:  Dhimmi Watch

Egypt arrests three members of Toronto-based Copt group

“We didn’t do anything against the law,” he said. “I don’t know how far the police will go in Egypt.”

It is as yet unclear what charges Mr. Fawzi and Mr. Mounir face. While no formal charges have been filed, the trio appear to have been accused of insulting Islam, converting Muslims to Christianity and working with a foreign group. Mr. Fawzy said there is no evidence to support any of the allegations against the men, adding that the arrests were likely retaliation for a number of court cases MECA has launched against the Egyptian government in recent months.


Pakistani city: Jihadists tell Christians, Hindus to convert to Islam or face suicide attacks

PESHAWAR: Members of Christian and Hindu communities settled in the city have been threatened by the so-called militants through a stunning letter to convert to Islam or face suicide attacks, sources confided to The News here on Wednesday.

“You are invited to embrace Islam and make your home in heaven. If you did not comply, you will be eliminated till Friday August 10,” read a letter dispatched to members of the Christian community in interior city. The dispatchers introduced themselves as members of previously unheard organisation, Al-Jihad. “It is a sensational letter that shows the non-seriousness of the dispatcher or dispatchers. The heading of the letters is ‘knock of the death’ while the rest of the text carried dialogue-like words that are generally used in films,” a senior government official, requesting anonymity, told The News about the letter received by a Hindu community member.


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