A Defending Crusader…

The best defense is to be good and offensive…or something like that.


Posted by Godefroi on August 9, 2007

From American Thinker, no less.

From the Book of Double-Think (updated)

Steve Kogan
1. The left says that the president has shredded the Constitution and that it is is a living document.2. It equates Bush with Hitler and attacks his support of Israel.3. It bridles at the charge that it is antisemitic and singles out the world¹s only Jewish state for universal condemnation.

4. It accuses the president of going into Iraq for oil, and it also accuses him of destroying the infrastructure of Iraq.

5. It says that corporations are evil, and it relies on their inventions and products like everyone else.

6. It calls America a racist, genocidal state, and it attacks the administration for squandering our international reputation.

7. It says that the debate about global warming is over and refuses to debate challengers.

8. The left is for women¹s rights and for cultures that see things differently.

9. It says that the term “colored people” is racist and that we should say “people of color” instead.

10. It says that globalization is bad and that international cooperation is good.

11. Whenever President Bush invokes the memory of 9/11, the left calls him a fear monger, and it also insists that a catastrophic climate change is coming soon.

12. It says that the president is out of touch with reality and that he conspires with evil masterminds to grab as much imperial power as he can.

13. The left sees portents of a Christian theocracy behind every Christmas creche, and it will call you a bigot twice over if you say that jihadists are Islamic kamikaze killers.

14. It says that we cannot win in Iraq but that we can destroy the planet.

Update: Jim Speers has more:

15. The left wants to teach students (all grade levels, including university) biological science without application of scientific method as it relates to the study of the origins of life.  

16. The left wants to stop us from promoting abstinence as the ideal means of birth and STD control, but mandates forcing tobacco companies to advertise non-smoking among teens because it is sure to result in fewer smokers. 

17. The left wants us to surrender in the war against terror in Iraq because it is a long and costly venture, but also wants us to keep on fighting the war on poverty which has so far cost trillions ($12 trillion, according to some estimates) and is now in its 5th decade. 

18. The left wants us to believe the same government that does such a good job running veterans’ healthcare, public education, social security, and immigration is going to really do a great job running a nationalized healthcare system.


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