A Defending Crusader…

The best defense is to be good and offensive…or something like that.

Disproportionate Response

Posted by Godefroi on August 3, 2007

Most people are aware of the ongoing rocket attacks from Gaza, mostly into Sderot.  Today in Ynet News, they report that some of the citizenry is responding with projectiles of their own.

 Ruthless, I tell ya…those Jooozzzz. 

A number of Israelis from the Tel Aviv vicinity drove south and fired improvised missiles towards Gaza, in an effort to raise awareness of the difficult situation in Sderot.

The group used a projectile-launcher built by Yahav Michaeli – a stunts and pyrotechnics expert – to lob organic eggs and vegetables towards Beit Hanoun.

[…]The group had brought with them organic eggs, corn, mango, tomatoes and other vegetables – much of it bought in Sderot – to launch at the Palestinians.


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