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I Thought This was Over

Posted by Godefroi on July 27, 2007

New Violence at Reopened Pakistan Mosque

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) – A suspected suicide bomber killed 13 people at a hotel near Islamabad’s Red Mosque on Friday as the government reopened the religious complex for the first time since a bloody army raid ousted Islamic militants from the site. Hundreds of students clashed with security forces outside the mosque and occupied it for several hours before being dispersed. They denounced President Gen. Pervez Musharraf and demanded the return of a pro-Taliban cleric who was detained during the siege earlier this month. The bomb struck the Muzaffar Hotel, in a downtown market area about a quarter mile from the mosque. Local television showed victims—many of them bleeding or badly burned, with their clothing in tatters—being carried from the wreckage to waiting ambulances. Amir Mehmood, a witness, said he saw blood, body parts, and shreds of a Punjab police uniform inside the hotel. Khalid Pervez, Islamabad’s top administrator, said 13 people were killed, including seven police, and 71 were wounded.  

Although there is some doubt about whether or not Muslims are permitted to kill “innocent” non-Muslims, the Qur’an is pretty clear on the prohibition against killing fellow Muslims.  I guess this guy isn’t aware of that.

In a speech at the mosque’s main entrance, Liaqat Baloch, deputy leader of a coalition of hard-line religious parties, the Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal, condemned Musharraf as a “killer” and declared there would be an Islamic revolution in Pakistan. “Maulana Abdul Aziz is still the prayer leader of the mosque. The blood of martyrs will bear fruit. This struggle will reach its destination of an Islamic revolution. Musharraf is a killer of the constitution. He’s a killer of male and female students. The entire world will see him hang,” Baloch said.



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