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Persecution of the Day

Posted by Godefroi on July 18, 2007

Hearkening back to the good ol’ days, when dhimmi Christians were forbidden from praying loudly or ringing their church bells.


From International Christian Concern.

“End Times Message Believers Assembly” Church at Gunianwala (Chak 43 NB Sargodha) went without loudspeakers for five days after three Muslim men recently filed a report in the Police Station Satellite Town Sargodha alleging that the use of loudspeakers by the pastor “irked” them.

I wonder if these Christians ever considered muzzling the guy doing the Muslim call to prayer…


“I thought if I took up the matter with the police it would only compound further. So, I prayed that things settle down. I have been facing problems ever since construction of the church”, said the pastor.

Elaborating on the problems he said that during the last four years the Church loudspeaker was dislodged twice by a Muslim man.

“A charged Muslim youth, Muhammad Adil mounted on the roof of the church. He dislodged the loudspeaker and hurled it down. This left it damaged. We got it repaired but the neighbouring Muslims dislodged the loudspeaker yet again,” he regretted.

Describing other problems he has been facing since the inception of Church, he said that some time back the neighbouring Muslims uprooted the filter of the Church’s hand pump. The hand pump he said was erected in the church compound whereas the drilling for the hand pump had been made near Fiaz’s house.


Some time back Fiaz stuffed straws in the loudspeaker which he said rendered the speaker inaudible, he alleged.

A visit of a guest evangelist, John Masih prompted Muslim neighbours in question to file a police report against usage of the Church loudspeaker, the pastor said, adding that the complainants mentioned in the police report that the day-long use of the speakers disturbed them.

“The loudspeaker was only used during the sermon and hymns”, said the pastor refuting the charges levelled by the Muslim men against him.

The Pastor told ANS that they had to turn off the loudspeaker after visit of a police official. The Church, he said, went without loudspeaker for five days.

One Response to “Persecution of the Day”

  1. “Hearkening back to the good ol’ days, when dhimmi Christians were forbidden from praying loudly or ringing their church bells.”

    As any reader of the Muslim travel writer Ibn Battuta knows, this is something that went both ways – as Ibn Battuta found out when one of his fellow travellers starting calling the adhan in a largely Christian conurbation – an act of bravado that got the Muslim partly all nearly killed!

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