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Head in the sand

Posted by Godefroi on July 17, 2007

More on this subject…in yesterday’s Jerusalem Post.

Our World: The joke’s on us

‘It’s all a joke. It’s just a joke.” That’s how the Palestinian terror commanders in Judea and Samaria [Thank you Caroline Glick for not  referring to these areas as “The Occupied West Bank” – GdB] explained the show they made of handing in their weapons to Fatah commander Mahmoud Abbas’s official militias over the weekend. This is all a big joke,” they told reporters while posing for pictures. “Abbas asked us to sign a declaration saying we won’t attack Israel and so we are.” And why not? The Palestinian Authority Chairman agreed to pay them thousands of dollars in exchange for the photo opportunities. There is also the non-financial incentive. In exchange for their propaganda photos and their signatures on declarations not to engage in terror anymore, Israel has pledged to take these murderers off of its wanted list.  [So, apparently the statements made by Mr. Olmert previously that none of these men had blood on his hands was false]  So just for participating in a satire, these men get to walk without fear for the first time in years.

The deal between Prime Minister Olmert and Abbas claims that 178 members of Fatah’s Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades terror organization will hand in their weapons and pledge to stop being terrorists. [You mean…they PROMISED?]  From now on the only Palestinians in Judea and Samaria who will bear arms will be members of Abbas’s “official” security forces. But since most of these men are already members of those official militias, and the rest are set to be commissioned in short order, the deal has no impact on any of them.

In anticipation of the formalization of the agreement at the Olmert-Abbas meeting yesterday, the IDF ended its nightly raids in Judea and Samaria for the first time in five years. Those raids, in which thousands of terrorists were apprehended in their sleep and their networks disrupted, were [heavy emphasis on the past tense] the main reason that Israelis in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Netanya and Hadera have been able to sleep in a modicum of safety for the past three years.

 There is much more in the article.  Please read it.


2 Responses to “Head in the sand”

  1. Nice Propaganda! Amazing that this site even exists.. and who is doing the analysis and providing facts? Those farthest from the truth! And the truth is only a click away!

    Here’s Israel.. the Nazis of the 21st Century! I dare you to post this reply!


  2. Godefroi said

    Your objections are hereby noted.

    Your “facts” (not so cool) are farcical.

    I have never contended that Israel has not made more than a few mistakes, some egregious. The fact is that Israel, the country, was LEGALLY formed from the LEGALLY formed Palestine Mandate. All of the area west of the Jordan river was covered by international law and was to be “Jewish Palestine”, and the what is now Jordan was to be “Arab Palestine”. Israel could not have been built on the ashes of a destroyed country, as THERE WAS NO COUNTRY THERE PRIOR TO ISRAEL.

    I have no more time for you today!

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