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Anyone remember the Balkans?

Posted by Godefroi on July 14, 2007

Very few people think much about the bombing of Serbia years ago, in our misguided effort to help the ‘suffering’ Kosovar, Bosnian, and Albanian Muslims escape the ‘barbarity’ of Milosevic’s fight against them.  I admit that I don’t…or, at least hadn’t for some time.  I was reminded of it when a Bosnian attacked nine Americans in Utah a few months ago, but I didn’t spend much time on it.  Then, in New Jersey, the Ft. Dix plot that was hatched by Albanians brought it to mind once again.  Why would these guys have it out for Americans?  Shouldn’t they be grateful?  Especially now that we’re so gung-ho for an independent Kosovo?

Anway, an article by Julia Gorin at American Thinker puts it better than I can.  MUST-READ MATERIAL.

Nod: BabbaZee

I watched with steady interest for the better part of a decade the clockwork predictability of the fallout from our forgotten Kosovo intervention, a bombing campaign against an emerging post-Communist democracy rooted in Judeo-Christian values–on behalf of tribalistic, blood-code-following nominal Muslims claiming oppression and no less than genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Watching the Albanians predictably move on to terrorize Macedonia within a few months of our intervention that would “contain” the conflict, and then watching Albanians turn their weapons on NATO peacekeepers within 18 months, I wondered what it would take to get a national discussion going about that huge, self-destructive debacle. What would it take to have the debate that, it must be said despite my hobby of mocking Europeans, the German public had in 2001 when it put its politicians’ feet to the fire after learning the hoax that their country had been party to, thanks to a German documentary unapologetically titled “It Began with a Lie.”

Read it ALL…really.


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